Welcome to Biden’s America Where the Favored Are Catered to and the Rest Are Outcasts

TZIDO SUN / shutterstock.com

President Joe Biden has made it clear that there are certain people that he likes more than others. His decisions have been one-sided and only benefit those people that were ignorant enough to vote for the man. As the president, he is supposed to have an ear for every person. But when he promised to unite the country, it became clear from the start that he had no intention of honoring that promise.

Biden’s America teaches people to put themselves first and look beyond those that have a need. His philosophy teaches people that the more they earn, the better they should be treated. In his world, the elite gets the benefits, and those with real-life struggles get left behind. And that Democratic ideology of selfish intent showed up on an air flight in Manchester, England.

David Judd is 54 years old and has to use a wheelchair because he is an amputee. Judd boarded the aircraft and made the trip without any problems. But when he got off the plane, he found that he was quickly forgotten about and was left to fend for himself on the plane.

Airline rules dictate that airport staff is supposed to show up and help passengers off the plane that need assistance. But in Judd’s case, no one bothered to show up. And all the other passengers blindly went on their way without even offering a helping hand.

Business Insider reported that Judd said, “The pilot came out and said there were no stewardesses left. Then radioed saying there was a guy still here.” The people responsible for alerting airport staff even left the plane without checking to see if everyone had left the plane. A few minutes later, Judd would have been stuck on a plane with no way off.

Judd mentioned, “This was the pilot ⁠— the guy that flies a Boeing 737 and pushing me in a wheelchair. I thought, ‘My God, how wrong is this?’ He was so embarrassed, you could see it. You could really see it.”

The current philosophy promoted by all liberals is to take care of oneself and not engage in other people’s affairs. Every passenger and airline worker left the man alone to fend for himself. And if it had not been for the kindness of one pilot, Judd would have never made it off the aircraft.

The airline and others involved all released top-level statements claiming to care about the needs of disabled travelers. They promote that they strive to provide only the best help to those most need it. But for Judd, the help never came. The airplane’s pilot had to step up and do the job that the support ground crew was supposed to do.

ABM Aviation was the company ultimately responsible for the breakdown. In their statement, Business Insider reported that they even tried to blame the failure on the pandemic. The company tried to pass off the idea that they were all still trying to find a good path through the pandemic. The problem is that no one responsible wants to admit that selfishness had anything to do with causing the problem.

The standard that ABM Aviation forgot is that everything they do is supposed to be customer-focused. But Judd would claim that he was not on the company’s mind when it came time to get him off the plane. He mentioned that he felt abandoned and unimportant because of the way that he was deserted.

The sad reality is that these incidents will only increase unless there is a return to the concept of helping others before helping oneself. Judd’s missing leg is not his fault, but it has made him reliant on others for help in strenuous situations.

The president is reluctant to step out and help others before helping himself, so how is he setting a good example for the rest of the country?

He missed the model that former President Donald Trump left for him to follow. Remember when Trump showed up in Florida and helped serve people lunch after hurricane Irma destroyed homes in Naples, Florida? Republicans do…