Turns Out Joey Chestnut Can Choke Down More Than Hotdogs

Rodrigo Eick / shutterstock.com

Fireworks, beer, Uncle Sam, watching Joey Chestnut choke down Nathan’s hotdogs faster than should be possible. These are just a few of the things we as Americans expect to have as a part of our 4th of July holiday weekend. Already hobbling up due to a leg injury, this looked like it could be the first time Chestnut might not win since 2015, which is his only loss since 2007.

With many in the media being doubtful that the hotdog darling could pull another win out of his hat, Chestnut looked to prove them all wrong about the cast and boot on his right foot. A cast he was in due to a ruptured tendon he claimed was the culprit. Still, Chestnut took the stage to an incredible introduction by Nathan’s host George Shea.

“When the barren hills and the cracked earth and the once-proud oceans drain to sand, there will still be a monument to our existence. This man represents all that is eternal in the human spirit.” Oh, how little did Shea know just how poignant his words would become.

As Chestnut stood on that very stage shoveling down hotdogs and buns a protestor in a Star Wars mask hopped on stage with a sign that read “Expose Smithfield Death Star”. This appeared to be about the Smithfield food company who is owned by the same company that owns Nathan’s. With no hesitation, Chestnut wrapped his arm around the neck of the protestor and choked him solidly before tossing him aside while not losing a step in his eating rhythm.

While the MC appeared to be the other man helping to shove down and subdue the protestor, the other two who showed up with signs and masks were quickly apprehended and detained before they could have contact with the contestants or their stage. These kinds of protests are not uncommon at a hotdog eating contest, or really any time meat is being served on a large scale.

Somehow, these protestors seem to think that their actions here will do anything to draw attention to their causes or to have people look at the slaughterhouses. Most commonly associated with Peta, these protestors are biting hook, line, and sinker into the sick a twisted plans this corrupt organization has for them. While Peta does a great job with their marketing campaigns, they fill them with outright lies, half-truths, manipulated video clips as well as hair-brained celebrity endorsements.

Their manipulated video clips are some of the most horrific things a person can see against animals. What Peta fails to tell you is that the person committing the atrocity is a member of Peta, or the person encouraging and leading the assault against these animals is a member. When they show a truck driver pushing through a line of people to reach the hog farm, they fail to show the driver attempting to politely and respectfully get them to leave before they begin assaulting his vehicle. So, when he drives through them, it looks mean.

Chestnut’s ability to stand up to these whack job leftists while winning this hotdog eating contest by a wide margin just goes to show what kind of American champion he really is. Sure, eating down 63 hotdogs in 10 minutes wasn’t a new record. It was still more than 20 dogs more than his closest competition, done while taking down someone who looked to rob him of his glory. This is the most American way for the contest to end. Good triumphing over evil, and silencing the left.