Thanks to President Biden, Over 1 Million Democrats Swap Sides

Peeradach R /

Along the way, in politics, there are those defining moments in time. You shake your first hand after you earn the nomination, and again while winning. President Biden has had many of these defining moments over his political career, but this one is unprecedented. Per the research from an Associated Press report, the President has successfully transitioned 1 million voters to register as Republicans who were previously Democrats.

Authored by Steve Peoples and Aaron Kessler, the report was picked up by numerous outlets across the country almost immediately. Why shouldn’t it? This kind of report and doing this over just 43 states is something unprecedented. Party change during a presidency isn’t uncommon, but it is when people are leaving your party. That’s a huge sign of dissatisfaction and distrust.

“A political shift is beginning to take hold across the U.S. as tens of thousands of suburban swing voters who helped fuel the Democratic Party’s gains in recent years are becoming Republicans. More than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year, according to voter registration data analyzed by The Associated Press. The previously unreported number reflects a phenomenon that is playing out in virtually every region of the country — Democratic and Republican states along with cities and small towns — in the period since President Joe Biden replaced former President Donald Trump.”

The shift is even more glaringly apparent in the suburbs. An area the Democrats have been able to pull in impressionable and swing voters over the years are switching parties, and excitedly. They find themselves unable to trust President Biden, the push for mandatory COVID vaccines, a rise in violent crime, and the consistent need to be homed in on racial justice. These are all points that many have been clamoring about for years.

It’s nice seeing so many of them finally coming around. Seeing signs that inside every leftist there is a good and wholesome conservative inside just waiting to get out is inspiring. It gives hope that there will be a bigger shift during or after mid-terms. This could be the sign that the people are finally able to start embracing how good America could really be without people trying to stir the pot just so they have something to talk about.

Perhaps it could also be completely economic. We haven’t seen inflation like this in 40 years, and the American working man has become too poor to be able to properly stay a liberal, even if they may have bought into the hype years ago. They see how badly Biden and his horrible decision-making have changed the country, and just how bitter the seeds of distrust he sowed are for the country.

Getting voters out there has been tough over the years. The mudslinging and consistent ads in their faces annoy many Americas. During election months, some people will refuse to watch cable tv and severely limit their internet time just to avoid the barrage of messages. During the Trump v Biden election, that seemed to change. Many more started tuning in, just to see what was said next. After Biden won on all these unfulfilled or even discussed campaign promises, many are tired of him and the party.

Running on hopes and dreams, with free college, legal pot, and better healthcare staple messages, Biden has turned around and walked back nearly every ounce of those messages. He authorized forgiveness for certain loans, has left cannabis alone largely across the country, and ignored health care.

While Republicans aren’t flip-flopping on everything here, the people are more comfortable with the harsh truth of free college bankrupting the U.S. dollar worse than Biden already has. They are tired of being lied to about everything, yet he cannot quite seem to get that point of being honest.