Ron DeSantis Makes Sweeping Move To Help Educate Teachers on the True Meaning Separation of Church and State

Amanda Wayne /

The Democratic Party has tried for years to get people to believe the lie concerning the separation of church and state. They wanted people to believe that the Founding Fathers did not want any hint of religion to be found in public life. So, they took it upon themselves to redefine the original intent of what the Founders wanted when America won its independence decades ago.

The liberals took their lies to the classrooms, where they pushed the idea that it was unconstitutional to pray in schools or even mention God in public. They tried to criminalize people who took a stand for the truth and even sought to pass laws to limit what people could do in public by way of their faith.

But their attempts to liberalize and destroy religion in America have failed to institute the strict separation they are fighting for. The failure is partly due to the efforts of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis, who has taken up the fight to present the truth behind what the Founding Fathers meant by the concept of separation of church and state.

Some liberal teachers quickly claimed that the training was going to be one-sided. But they fail to tell the truth regarding the one-sided material they are tasked with teaching in the classroom. DeSantis has stated that the state plans to host a 3-day training class for teachers, to tell the truth behind the Founding Fathers’ intent.

The lie that the liberals promote is that the Founding Fathers wanted nothing to do with religion in government. That lie has been passed down from one generation to the next for decades.

But the training DeSantis is putting teachers through will promote the truth behind the Founders’ intent. The state is planning on running ten 3-day sessions for 2,500 teachers. They will take that information back to the classroom and be better equipped to promote the truth behind what the Founders meant by keeping the government free from religious takeover.

Newsbreak reported that the Florida Department of Education stated that the training will “be aligned to the revised civics and government standards.” Still, some teachers have expressed concern about the instructions.”

The fight to keep the truth in the classroom has reached its climax as the liberals continue their efforts to promote the “woke” version of America’s history. DeSantis continues to lead the fight against the liberal takeover of the public education system in the state and country.

The liberals “woke” teaching is nothing more than a plan to redefine America and push socialism on people. Socialism outlaws religious practices and mandates that everyone subscribes to the dictators’ beliefs of what should constitute religion. That concept is exactly what the Founding Fathers wanted to avoid in America. There was to be no local or national government that could force people to observe any mandated religion. People were to be free to worship as their conscience demanded.

Democrats are criticizing the move to arm teachers with the truth. These liberal politicians and teachers cannot bring themselves to teach the truth about the past. They must obey their masters and teach party-line politics to avoid angering their liberal lords.

Barbara Segal is one of those liberal teachers who cannot fathom the truth. She stated, “There was a very strong Christian fundamentalist way toward analyzing different quotes and documents. That was concerning.” She proved by her statement that the liberals want people to believe that there is no religious influence on how America was founded. But that is just not the case.

The country was founded on moral ideologies that are foundational to the greatness of America. And one of those teachings is that no one should be controlled and told what or how to worship in America.

The liberal’s attempt to separate religion from politics is just their way of forcing people to follow their religious views that humanity is its god. They want to force their version of religion on Americans and force people to give up their freedom to worship as their conscience demands.