Newsom’s Villainous Ways Makes DeSantis Look Like a Hero

Ringo Chiu /

The Democrats have once again zeroed in on their attacks on Ron DeSantis, the beloved Governor of Florida. DeSantis has proven that he is strong enough to defend against the senseless attacks from the left. He has also proven himself to be a ruthless warrior in fighting back against the poison the liberals are dumping all over the country.

The success rate of Ron DeSantis has caught the attention of his western foe Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California. The liberal thought it would be a great idea to pay for television ads in Florida to attack DeSantis because he did the right thing and kept people from being forced to be vaccinated to participate and attend the Special Olympics.

Newsom claimed that freedom was being destroyed in Florida. He is ticked off that so many people are moving from California to Florida that he has tried to make people think there is no freedom in the eastern state. But the reality is that people are leaving California because Newsom has destroyed freedom. After all, he wants to control it all.

The country was wondering why Newsom spent state funds to advertise in Florida. The slick-headed man was upset that DeSantis would fine the Special Olympics $27.5 million if they required people to be vaccinated.

Newsom wants to appear as if he cares about the people attending the Special Olympics. But his attacks on the Sunshine State were nothing more than an attempt to rally people behind the thought of forced vaccinations.

Ron DeSantis has stated from the beginning that he will protect the rights of people to choose what is best for their health. And nothing Newsom lies about will ever be enough to smear his opponent’s name.

Newsbreak reported that Newsom discovered an opportunity to push forced vaccinations again and took the opportunity to make his voice heard. Newsom said about DeSantis that “…he did something that tipped me very directly, and that was going after the Special Olympics. That led to the consideration of doing something a little bit more expressive and that was the determination on the ad.”

Critics of Newsom’s ad claim that he was trying to find a way to encourage those that left his state to move back. He wanted to appeal to them by showing how much DeSantis cares about freedom. He needed to lie to thousands of people who fled his state to find freedom. Newsom’s demented mind thinks that people want to live where they are forced to do things contrary to what they believe is right.

Gavin Newsom let the truth out about why he was motivated to attack a political rival. He could not stand that the Floridian governor was protecting the rights of everyone living in Florida. The western dictator thinks everyone should be forced to vaccinate against a virus that no longer threatens society.

The Democratic Party argues that they no longer push COVID-19 as a political issue. But Newsom’s actions show that the liberals are still willing to use whatever they can at their disposal to attack people who way.

Rick Scott is a Senator serving the people of Florida. He noted that Newsom is trying to gain a better position within the Democratic Party because he has plans for his political career.

Newsbreak reported that Scott said, “What Newsom’s doing, it makes sense for Newsom. Maybe for the legacy of Newsom, saying ‘Oh, we’re a progressive state’ might be helping him back home.”

Newsom’s supporters love that he wasted state funds to attack Republican Ron DeSantis. They only wish that they had thought of the idea first. The ad against DeSantis was nothing more than an act of desperation by a party feeling its power slip away. All the ad did was announce that DeSantis has done the unthinkable again and kept people from having to give up their rights to attend an event that showcases the elite of those that struggle is like.