Like It or Not, Your Investment Accounts Are Likely Being Used To Push Biden’s Green Initiatives Without Your Consent

fokke baarssen /

Ever since President Biden first walked in the front door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the American people have been having the idea of going green for the future shoved down our throats. Everywhere we turned, there he was to remind us how much better green is. Now, he wants to force you to invest in it, too.

Author of “Nation of Victims” Vivek Ramaswamy has been on a crusade to alert the American people to how their money is being weaponized to work against their interests and, instead, is being put to use in getting the President’s agenda met. This kind of deception isn’t exactly illegal, but unless you know what you are looking for, it can be nearly impossible to notice. He recently came on Fox News to fill Americans in on the process.

“Americans know that they’re paying $5 for gas at the pump on average nationally right now. What most of them don’t know is that their investment accounts are being weaponized to actually create that result, because what the world’s largest asset managers are doing, starting with BlackRock, the biggest one…What happens is that they’re using the money of everyday citizens to show up as the largest shareholders at companies like Exxon, at the U.S. energy companies across the natural gas sectors and the oil sectors and to tell them to produce less.”

This kind of manipulation should be criminal, but under current U.S. laws regarding investment accounts and how voting is being conducted, the owner of that account is just a name on a list of hundreds – if not thousands of other investors who also own a portion of that investment. As such, they are signing off their voting rights to a third party.

So, these investors have no say in how their money is being invested, in the voting for the companies in which they are invested, or in what will happen with the company going forward. Instead, they are collectively represented by one voice. If you think that voice isn’t being manipulated by big business, politics, or someone greasing the wheels, you are fooling yourself.

Telling these companies to produce less only pumps up the pricing even more and does nothing to make green energy a viable solution. If anything, it makes the idea of the nation becoming completely green far less viable than it could be. Without money to invest in better energy production, and batteries, the charging networks won’t get built, and the vehicles won’t achieve even higher miles per charge. At this point, even Tesla Cyber King Elon Musk has gone on record of saying that America is not yet ready to go fully green.

He’s right, too. The American people cannot afford to make the transition, there aren’t enough viable car manufacturers or charging stations for other makers’ vehicles. Additionally, the time it takes to recharge makes taking them on any real long-distance trips almost futile. Then, there are the ethical implications concerning the idea of making cars with batteries that are horrific to mine from the earth and using coal-burning plants to create the energy to power the vehicles.

Ramaswamy is incredibly concerned about making the American people move before they are ready. “Why? To prepare for a green energy transition, but in ways that most people whose money they’re investing would not want to actually see happen. So that’s a big abuse of the everyday citizens of this country in their investment accounts. That’s the first step in educating the American people on how we are actually empowered to drive this change, not just through the votes we cast every November, but through the votes, we cast every day with where we invest our dollars.”

Might be time to take a more proactive interest in that 401(k) and ensure your money is going to the companies who have your best interests at heart.