Joe vs. Joe is an Ongoing Saga

Gutzemberg /

Joe Manchin is a pain in President Joe Biden’s backside. The Senator from West Virginia has stood in opposition to many of the critical pieces of legislation that Biden needs to pass before his term comes to an end. And as a result, the president sits frustrated because a party member is holding him captive by not voting in favor of specific bills.

The Senator is the key to Biden being able to lay hold of specific promises he made during his presidential campaign. Without Manchin’s support, the president will fail to deliver on his promises.

The president told his supporters that he would pass laws that would essentially fight the issue of climate change. He also wanted to enlarge the social safety net and provide more assistance to families in desperate need. But Joe Manchin was not in full support and dashed Biden’s hopes of passing his crucial legislation.

The emotional outburst from the Democratic Party was loud. Senator Ed Markey is a Democrat from Massachusetts. He loves the Green New Deal and wants to see it become law. He would cry that “Rage keeps me from tears. Resolve keeps me from despair.” He was so broken over Manchin’s vote that his emotions would get the best of him.

The critical issue that prevents Manchin from throwing his support behind Biden centers around taxing the wealthy and large corporations. Biden’s nemesis does not want to see new taxes imposed on people that make up the wealthy elite. He believes taxing the rich will harm America in the long run.

Prices are already threatening to destroy the livelihood of many Americans. The choice to put food on the table or purchase other necessities is a real problem that households face. Manchin is willing to work out the issues and devise a plan that meets everyone’s expectations, but Biden is a selfish socialist who wants everything his way, or there is no deal.

Manchin knows that Biden’s bill will only make things worse for Americans. He told his fellow Democrats and Biden that a different deal could be struck, or they would need to wait until the economy gets better before dealing with climate issues.

The Democrats need to pass their crucial legislation before the midterm elections arrive. Without some work being approved, they cannot claim any victory in their favor. So far, all they have to show for their first two years in power is a bunch of squabbling and fighting.

Manchin’s atomic bomb was well-placed. He let out his intentions at the right time to force the Democratic Party off guard. President Biden has been out of the country, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is home with COVID-19.

The illegitimate president was out visiting leaders in the Middle East. He told his party what he expected to be done, but Manchin was not about to jump on board with the plan because of the increased taxes. Biden’s ultimatum to fellow Democrats was, “Let me be clear: if the Senate does not move to tackle the climate crisis and strengthen our domestic clean energy industry, I will take strong executive action to meet this moment.”

Biden’s statement threatened that he would get what he wanted by signing an executive order. He has no problem bypassing Congress to destroy America. The approval of his hidden supporters is more important to him than listening to the people of the United States and what they want to see happen for their country.

The future of the Democratic Party hangs in the balance. Failure to pass legislation will spell out defeat for the liberals. They cannot afford to stay divided on their promise to the people. But when one of them demands their way, there is no hope of reconciliation.

Joe Biden and Joe Manchin stay locked together at opposite ends of the table. Manchin refuses to let Biden run away with the country. He has already destroyed prosperity with his high prices and insane gas prices.

Only one Joe can come out on top…and we know which one we’re pulling for.