Biden is a Failure…and Here’s the Proof

Joseph Sohm /

President Joe Biden has made a massive mess for himself that he continues to think is not his fault. Just one year ago, the president made everyone think that the pandemic was ending and that mask-wearing was becoming extinct. But it would soon become clear that the old man was telling people what they wanted to hear while, at the same time, he had a secret plan that was about to play out.

As the virus returned to the spotlight, the president would force people to wear masks and even try to force them to take the vaccination. His attempt at a sadistic takeover by forcing people to give up their right to choose would fail. And it would earn him a negative reputation with the rest of the country.

The president’s downslide would happen over the next year as he would try one thing after another to force people to worship at his feet. He would go from someone with a few supporters to a hated president with people looking to remove him from office. He was the man who would anger voters and force many Democratic supporters to throw their support behind Republican candidates.

Newsbreak reported, “As Biden approaches his second Fourth of July in the White House, his standing couldn’t be more different. A series of miscalculations and unforeseen challenges have Biden struggling for footing as he faces a potentially damaging verdict from voters in the upcoming midterm elections. Even problems that weren’t Biden’s fault have been fuel for Republican efforts to retake control of Congress.”

Biden took too much time to start acting on many of the issues that America faces. He dragged his feet and beat a pandemic to death, hoping to use it for political posturing. His decisions angered the American people and would quickly turn voters against him.

The old man recklessly pulled out of Afghanistan, which left the door open for the Taliban to make a swift return. Terrorist groups would quickly grow out of the president’s failure to make good military decisions. And those left behind would find themselves at the mercy of their enemies.

The president’s failures did not stop with Afghanistan. Biden decided that it would be a great idea to stop Americans from drilling for oil which would cause a massive spike in the gas price. Biden would again claim that he is working on the issue but has yet to produce any results. He would, instead, let America become dependent on foreign oil than take a stand to keep the country from having to depend on its enemies for fuel to grow.

Biden has made it his policy only to act when the situation forces him to get up from his rocking chair. He thinks his time in the White House is nothing more than a popularity moment where he can play games with people’s lives and their ability to prosper.

Newsbreak also reported that “Douglas Brinkley, another historian, said Biden suffered from a case of presidential hubris after a largely successful run in his first five months in office, which included an overseas trip to meet with allies excited about welcoming a friendly face back to the international scene. He compared Biden’s Fourth of July speech last year to President George W. Bush’s infamous ‘Mission Accomplished’ moment during the second Iraq War.”

Joe Biden has made a mess for himself because he refused to step up and do a job that he coveted. His beloved Vice President Kamala Harris did not pan out to be the person she claimed to be, which is another indicator that Biden is failing miserably at his job. The old man thinks that he is playing a game where he gets to win. But he is about to find out that voters are tired of his betrayal and are moving towards a Republican takeover in the midterm elections.