Biden, aka Pedo Peter, Has Been Helping to Build Hunter’s Empire

Gints Ivuskans /

Hunter Biden loves that he can hide behind his daddy from all the people who want to investigate his shady dealings. The longer he hides, the closer people are to zeroing in on his shady business and how it all ties to his father. The Democrats continue to claim that the president is innocent of wrongdoing, but new evidence shows that the old man is just as guilty as his son.

Entertainment Times reports that “Speculations about Hunter Biden dubbing his father as ‘Pedo Peter’ surfaced on social media after users of 4Chan claimed to have hacked his iCloud account.” Users have claimed that the moniker was saved that way in Hunter’s phone referring to his father, President Joe Biden. “Besides leaking a ton of controversial data on the social media platform, the users shared screenshots of Hunter’s laptop and phone on the website on Saturday night.”

The leaked personal information on Biden proves that he is connected with his son and all the illegal dealings he wants to hide. The unnamed sources posted the proof on social media, and from there, it spread like wildfire.

The Biden family thinks that their lives are something out of a novel series. Entertainment Times also revealed that “The New York Post reported that Biden had used the pseudonym Peter Henderson – a fictional Soviet Union-era spy in several Tom Clancy novels who infiltrated the U.S. government, while sharing a YouTube video on email with his son, brother Jim, daughter-in-law Hallie, as well as his sister and longtime political strategist Valerie Biden Owens in October 2016.”

The president’s undercover name of “Pedo Peter” marks him as an accomplice in Hunter Biden’s criminal network. The old man and his family are wrapped up in a wide range of illegal activities. The family’s track record reads like a rap sheet freshly printed from the police mainframe.

The group claiming responsibility for the leaked material is the 4chan users. They took screenshots of the material evidence that shows that Biden is highly involved with his son’s dealings.

The Democrats cannot afford to have their front man exposed. Biden’s name linked up with his son will prove fatal to the Democratic midterm election hopes. None of the blue delegates can afford to have any more issues thrown at them by their crazy leader.

Social media readers were interested in Biden’s secret name, “Pedo Peter.” His name caused a lot of people to speculate that it was the president. And now that evidence has surfaced about the name, the president is linked for all-time with being involved with his son’s criminal empire.

The worst part of the business is that evidence was found deep within the president’s daughter’s diary, where she mentions that she took showers with her father. This is a liberal dream come true…yet a nightmare for the rest of us. And people wonder why the country is in deep trouble with Pedo Peter at the helm.

The midterm elections will be a massive wake-up call for Joe Biden and his socialist club. They think they have changed America enough to warrant their permanent installation as a ruling body. But the facts prove that the voter still has the power to remove them all from office. And as was demonstrated in Virginia with its last election, the Democrats will not stand a chance in any race across the country.

The president has been caught lying about his affairs with his family on so many occasions.

The United States deserves a lot better than the man currently sitting in the White House. Biden is the worst president to ever come along. His departure from the Oval Office will be a day-long celebration when that time comes. And that time is closer than he would like to admit now that the midterm elections are closing in on him.