Zelenskyy Tells Germany to Focus on Ukraine and Not Russia’s Response

Dmytro Larin / shutterstock.com

The war between Russia and Ukraine has gone on for far longer than anyone anticipated. And a win for Russia means a loss for most of the world. It would give Putin the belief that he could take on anyone and win. And it would mean that Ukraine would fall, giving Russia even more land to control than they already have.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy knows that the only way that his country can win is through the support of other countries. And that’s what’s led to him calling out Germany. Support me or else…

Right now, Germany has been hesitant to show Ukraine the same level of support that other countries, including the United States and the UK, have done. They are fearful that there will be too many repercussions for Berlin’s ties to Moscow.

Zelenskyy participated in an interview with ZDF, a German public broadcaster. As Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor, discusses a trip to Kyiv, Zelenskyy makes it clear what he expects. “We need from Chancellor Scholz the certainty that Germany supports Ukraine. He and his government must decide: there can’t be a trade-off between Ukraine and relations with Russia.”

If the war is ever going to end, the support needs to be one-sided – all support must go to Ukraine. Further, it can’t keep coming from the same countries. The United States has depleted a significant amount of its weapons inventory. And billions of dollars in aid have already been given to the country. There’s not too much more that the U.S. can afford to give.

That’s why Germany needs to step up.

La Stampa, an Italian newspaper, reported that there will be three European leaders traveling to Kyiv by the end of the week, which will be ahead of the Group of Seven summit that is supposed to take place at the end of June.

Germany has failed to confirm the validity of this report.

Ukraine isn’t the only one disappointed in Germany. Poland, too, has expressed their disappointment in the country. Much of this is because Germany is opposing an EU embargo on Russian gas imports.

Scholz is looking to stay in the middle. He wants to be neutral because he doesn’t want to upset those on the left. The left-leaning members don’t want heavy weapons delivered to Ukraine for fear that it would provoke Russia to respond militarily toward themselves or another country.

It does seem that Germany is willing to step in and help to some extent. Scholz has told reporters that Germany will be sending some of the most advanced mobile artillery systems to Ukraine. The only reason that these hadn’t been sent sooner is that Ukrainians needed to be trained on how to use them.

It is something…but it isn’t enough. And Zelenskyy is happy to call the German chancellor out on it.

Meanwhile, there are more and more European leaders hoping that they can put an end to the war altogether. Both Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron have tried to convince Putin to end the hostilities and begin negotiating with Zelenskyy.

The Kremlin, of course, won’t even consider such things unless they have “relevant sanctions” lifted, which would allow the Russian warships to move and the export of grain from the ports of Ukraine to begin again.

Ahh, it’s all about sanctions for Russia. And they’ll kill thousands until it happens.

So, the real question is this: Will Germany siding with Ukraine do anything to help the war come to an end?