“The View” Hosts Claim Harris Could Beat DeSantis in a Presidential Election

Maverick Pictures / shutterstock.com

We really never know what’s going to be talked about on “The View.” Those liberal women know no bounds when it comes to the progressive agenda that they’ll shove onto their viewers. They can discuss any political topic at any time.

Recently, they decided to go for the jugular by talking about the 2024 presidential ticket.

Sunny Hostin, one of the co-hosts, decided to discuss the possibility of VP Kamala Harris running on a ticket with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

She believes that they would “obliterate” any Republican nominee.

If she thinks that this is the “dream team” for the Democratic Party, it appears that we have absolutely nothing to worry about. Harris and Buttigieg are a complete joke.

Kamala Harris has done absolutely nothing within her time in the White House except make promises that she can’t keep. Remember when she told us that she’d be dealing with the southern border crisis and exploring the “root cause” of the immigration? The border is a bigger mess than when she first showed up on the scene.

Pete Buttigieg has no experience as Department of Transportation Secretary. He thinks that the way to handle gas prices is for every American to spend $30,000 more on an electric car so that there’s no need for gas.

Neither Democrat has a high approval rating. Harris has one of the lowest for a VP that the modern U.S. has ever seen.

Still, it’s amusing that Hostin thinks that she’s onto something. She even believes that they could win against Ron DeSantis, Florida’s governor.

During the show, they had guest host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who was the White House communications director during the Trump administration. She expressed that Biden wouldn’t be the best candidate for the Democrats due to his age. That’s what led to who might be better candidates – and who might challenge Trump for the GOP ticket.

Hostin went on to say that “I hope it’s not DeathSantis over in Florida because I think he’s a fascist. I think he handled COVID miserably, I think he is a fascist and a bigot.”

Hmmm…do you think she thinks he’s a fascist?

Most people who live in Florida would disagree with the raging liberal. Most appreciate what Ron DeSantis did during COVID, which is also why he’s earned the nickname of America’s Governor. He allowed people to maintain their freedoms. He gave people the right to choose how they wanted to handle the pandemic.

And when it comes to comparing death rates, Florida fared considerably better than many other states – especially when you consider that Florida has such a high number of senior citizens.

Sunny doesn’t like the “agism” argument when you compare Biden to Trump.

Hostin also tries to make the argument that “I like Gavin Newsom because he’s really pretty to look at.”

She went there. She’d actually vote for Newsom based on looks. Even though the man was a complete hypocrite throughout COVID. He became the poster child for “Do as I say, not as I do.”

DeSantis may have the best thing to say when he was recently interviewed on Fox News. “I think you have the opportunity to have a really big red wave.”

When you look at what’s being discussed on “The View” and who they would vote for, it’s easy to see how Democrats will simply be drowned by the red wave that’s coming in the midterms.