“Sovereign” Citizens of California Found with Explosives

Fotos593 / shutterstock.com

California seems to be where so many of society’s problems exist. It’s no wonder, though. Look at who the residents have as role models. We have Gavin Newsom who is as crooked as they come, showing people that the only way to get through COVID is to do what he says…not to do what he does. Then, there’s Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who can’t even bother to deal with the homelessness and drug problems that run rampant in her own district. Yet, she has no problem telling the entire country what needs to be done to Build Back Better.

More and more people are running out of California as fast as they can. They’re headed to conservative states like Texas and Florida because it’s safer and more affordable. Families know that their kids can get a good education. Wholesome values can be found at every turn.

In California, there’s no telling what a traffic stop can uncover. And recently, police officers found “sovereign citizens” who were loaded with explosives and other items.

A sovereign citizen isn’t something that really exists. It’s someone who believes that they are not subject to the law because they are also questioning the legitimacy of the government.

A person can say they are sovereign, but it doesn’t carry any weight. Otherwise, all of us would be making such claims so that we didn’t have to pay taxes, worry about getting arrested, or anything else that comes from having a federal government oversee us.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department arrested two “sovereign citizens” this past Saturday during a traffic stop where the vehicle was suspected of vehicle code violations. The Ford Taurus was stopped near Joshua Tree National Park. Inside, deputies found “live ammunition, black gunpowder, and an improvised military-grade explosive device.”

These findings are common among sovereign citizens because it is common for them to use violence as a way to justify their belief systems. And if they truly believe they are sovereign, carrying such weapons is no big deal because they are exempt from U.S. law.

That’s not reality, though. A quick records check proved that two of the men inside the car were prohibited from possessing and owning firearms.

Soon after, a search warrant was obtained so that the property owned by the two men could be searched. This is where more firearms, ammunition, and explosives were found. A woman at the compound, also claiming to be a sovereign citizen, was also arrested.

The three are being held at the Morongo Basin jail without bail. This is actually a shock considering that, in many instances, California lets the crazies go on small amounts of bail. It puts the dangerous people right back on the streets. Then, the liberal politicians scratch their heads and wonder why there’s so much violence happening in their districts.

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, many sovereign citizens retaliate through “paper terrorism,” which is when they bombard the legal system with false documents and/or frivolous lawsuits. Violence is the most extreme way that the movement acts, and it is usually directed at government officials.

With all that was found in the stopped vehicle and at the compound, there’s no telling what the three were planning.

It is also unclear at the time of publication whether the suspects have an attorney and what their next move will be.

One thing is clear – California is filled with crazies. At least this time, law enforcement was able to get them off the streets so that they don’t pose an immediate danger.