Press Secretary Doesn’t Even Bother Listening to Biden’s Speeches

lev radin /

We have a new press secretary in the White House, in case you didn’t know. One look at Karine Jean-Pierre and you’ll know that the Biden administration was trying to compensate. She’s not only a person of color but she’s also a lesbian. Talk about diversity…

We were never a fan of the redheaded and oh-so-sarcastic Jen Psaki. However, at least Psaki was able to speak about whatever was going on. She knew what Biden had said and was ready to be on the defense, much to the chagrin of every reporter in the room.

Now that we have Jean-Pierre, we’re wondering how she even has a job. Sure, she meets the criteria of being diverse, but it doesn’t appear that she knows what her job is.

She’s not listening to anything Biden says. Reporters have asked her on multiple occasions about something that Biden said or tweeted about – and she looks like a deer in the headlights. She doesn’t know what the reporters are talking about. She’ll have to look that up and get back to them.

A perfect example is when reporters demanded to know what in the world Biden was talking about regarding his recent comments about Biden’s claim about the Naval Academy.

President Biden spoke last Friday that he was “appointed” to the Naval Academy. Only, that’s not exactly what happened. Yet, this revelation occurred when he was giving the commencement address to the Naval Academy. He said, “I was appointed to the Academy in 1965 by a senator who I was running against in 1972.”

We all know that dates aren’t his strong suit. In 1965, Biden was graduating from the University of Delaware.

Naturally, reporters wanted to know about the claim.

“I need to read it myself, and just go back and see what you’re talking about exactly.” This is what Jean-Pierre told Ed O’Keefe of CBS News when he asked about Biden’s confusion over the timeline.

This press conference happened on Tuesday – a full three days following the incident. Shouldn’t the press secretary know what the president’s speech contained? Shouldn’t someone have been fact-checking everything the president said in anticipation of questions?

Jen Psaki would have been ready. She might have been armed and ready with lies, but she would have at least known what a reporter was talking about.

Apparently, Jean-Pierre believes that because she’s a person of color and checks another box by being a member of the LGBTQ+ community she has job security – even if she doesn’t bother doing her job.

This is just another stunt for Biden to feel as though he needs to fit in with the people he’s talking to. He’s made plenty of other baseless claims over the years. He said that he attended a Historically Black College or University (HCBU) when he did not. He said that he was a truck driver when he was not.

The man is either completely out of touch with reality or he’s a compulsive liar. Either way, he’s the President of the United States – and we should be able to figure out what he’s talking about. The only way that we can do that is to rely on the Press Secretary to offer some kind of interpretation.

Since Jean-Pierre can’t even bother to know what Biden has said in order to offer an interpretation, we need to brace ourselves for a long three years. That, or we can hope they’ll replace Jean-Pierre with someone who can actually do the job.