Even Biden’s Federal Employees Miss Trump Now

ungvar / shutterstock.com

If the Democrats and their darling liberal-backed media are to be believed, Donald Trump was the worst U.S. president, and no one liked him. He was mean, hypocritical, and constantly causing problems, as well as sticking his nose where it didn’t need to be. During his tenure in the White House, that included changing a few key policies about federal employment and holding the federal bureaucracy accountable.

Naturally, the political left wasn’t thrilled about this. And thanks to the media, it seemed that federal employees didn’t either. After all, one such policy change made it easier to fire federal employees and ‘drain the swamp.’

One federal union office called Trump’s moves a “war on the professional civil service.” Another said they were an “assault on the rights of federal employees.” And House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland, whose district is home to no small number of federal employees, stated that Trump was showing “disdain for those who have served our nation.”

By these comments, you would think that then-President Trump was making some rather horrible decisions and, in fact, waging some sort of war.

But as it turns out, most federal employees themselves didn’t exactly see it that way.

In fact, according to the Office of Personnel Management, which conducts an annual survey on federal employee viewpoints, job satisfaction as a federal employee actually rose every year Trump was in office.

Per the survey, in 2020, at the end of Trump’s tenure, an all-time high in job satisfaction was reached, with some 72 percent of all federal employees being “satisfied” with their careers.

Trump couldn’t have been all that bad to work for then, right?

Again, according to the media, this narrative couldn’t be true.

And just as naturally, Biden coming in after him would only make things better, right? I mean, didn’t Biden position himself as a champion for federal employees, campaigning to “reinstate and expand” their protections.

In fact, on his first day in office, he stated that “We’re a team… You’re the ones running the show,” he told federal employees. And just a few days later, he made sure to revoke Trump’s changes to the federal workforce.

So why is it, then, that job satisfaction among federal employees fell by five percent in the first year Biden was on the job? It is noted that this is the largest single-year drop ever to be recorded. And since then, job satisfaction has plunged another two percent.

According to the latest FEVS, job satisfaction among federal workers is now below that of any year that Donald Trump was in office.

But how is that possible if Biden supposedly changed policies to make working as a fed better and easier?

Well, he did, at least for federal union workers. But the fact of the matter is most federal employees do not belong to a union. In fact, according to current records, less than one in five federal employees are union members in most agencies. Customs and Border Protection is an exception to this.

Another thing to note is that most of those who do actually belong to a union sign up for such to be better protected in their work. Now, as we all know, that in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. After all, unions were started for a reason.

However, just as easily, and as most of us, including most federal employees, have experienced, those unions really only serve to cover up for low or poor-performing workers.

In truth, this is actually what most federal workers are most frustrated about. They are tired of working alongside lazy people who don’t get their work done or don’t do it well and have to pick up their slack. And they are increasingly unsatisfied with how federal agencies address these poor performers.

Remember when I said that Trump changed policies to make firing employees like this easier? And that union heads didn’t like it? Well, federal employees themselves did. In fact, most feds supported the move by a two-to-one margin.

After all, who doesn’t like to work in a place where your hard work is rewarded, and those who don’t do their part are canned?

Apparently, the answer is Joe Biden. Biden has changed policies back to the way they were, making it possible for low-performing and corrupt federal employees to continue doing our nation a great disservice and all on our dime.

No wonder federal job satisfaction isn’t the only thing to have dropped in the last two years.