Democrats More Interested in Investigating UFOs Than Solving America’s Problems

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The issue of unidentified flying objects has long intrigued people. The wild stories and endless claims of people seeing little green men and their flying saucers have been a part of society for many years. Up until now, NASA has resisted looking into the evidence. But now, there is a renewed interest in the subject. NASA has finally decided that they are going to look into and investigate what they are calling “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.”

Aside from NASA looking into the subject, the federal government has also taken a look into the matter. Over the years, military pilots were made fun of and often disgraced if they ever reported seeing strange things in the sky. For years, many of them would keep their peace to keep from ridicule and scorn.

The new investigation by the federal government and NASA seeks to study many of these accounts. The Defense Department has designated a department strictly for the study of UAPs. They have even released videos of weird objects flying through the air. Many speculate that these objects are military crafts being tested for future use. But the wild stories will continue until hard evidence is revealed.

The story’s nasty side is found in how the investigation is performed. The country is in a crisis, and the Democratic Party would instead look to outer space for answers. They continue to ignore the social and national issues that Americans face. They would rather chase UAPs instead of dealing with the real problems destroying the country.

The Democrats hope to run into the little green men and make contact with a race of beings from another planet. They hope they will find the answers they are looking for to come up with a grand version of society they want to develop.

Adam Schiff is part of the House Intelligence Committee. He reported that UAPs “need to be understood as a national security matter. Excessive secrecy only breeds distrust and speculation.”

Schiff is a man who speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He led the efforts against Donald Trump to find a way to impeach him. He speaks about openness and avoiding secrecy, but when he held the interviews against Trump, he held them in secret and never once opened the doors for the public to watch.

The issue of NASA looking into the matter of UAPs is a new development that has long been overdue. The space agency is just getting started. Their investigation will be a surface-level investigation and nothing more. NASA reported, “The study will focus on identifying available data, how best to collect future data, and how NASA can use that data to move the scientific understanding of UAPs forward.”

NASA is not planning on joining forces with the federal government to investigate the UAPs. They do not want to join the Democrats and promote fake stories designed to push their agenda.

The federal government has no business looking at UAPs, at least not right now. Joe Biden’s job is to look after the country and solve the horrible problems that his sad administration and policies have created. But he would instead stick his head into the clouds and wish that the little green men would take him away.

NASA has the tools and equipment to investigate the matter of UAPs thoroughly. They do not need the help of Joe Biden or shady Adam Schiff. They have the means to find the objects and determine what exactly they are.

Some are critical of NASA investigating the matter of UAPs. But in truthfulness, they are the only ones who can give an honest report because they are not motivated by politics or selfish greed.

Joe Biden and his administration continue to miss the mark with what matters to Americans. He has failed to do his job of being the president. The push to investigate UAPs by the federal government is just another example of how the Democrats have put America last and everything else first. They have turned their backs on their own people and embraced the enemy…and even the aliens.