Biden’s Still Falsely Boasting About Conquering COVID As America Crumbles at His Feet

Alexandros Michailidis /

Joe Biden is basking in the assumptive glory that it was his grit and toughness that got America through the pandemic. He tackled the deadly disease like his predecessor refused to bend over for. In the political arena, Democrats were banking on the removal of facemasks as plenty enough tinder to assure their half-dead leader a second term, but… they forgot how quickly people forget.

In actuality, it wasn’t Biden who conquered the disease that still plagues us today…but that’s an entirely different story. Regardless, the question he now needs to answer is, “What have you done for us today?” It requires no answer because there isn’t one to give.

A senior Biden administration official put things in perspective when he said, “We have certainly tamed this, no question,” referring to the pandemic. “And it’s of no benefit.”

Public interest in COVID-19 has waned in light of a new laundry list of crises. The political landscape is flooded with ever-rising inflation, gun laws have taken immediate priority thanks to daily mass shootings, and there’s always a shortage of something.

Biden’s aides and advisors have expressed frustration over the president’s tackling of the pandemic not boosting his ratings as they had anticipated. They’d stuck all of their eggs in that one basket which now doesn’t even register as a concern for voters.

Celina Lake, a pollster during Biden’s 2020 campaign, said, “People grant him some real successes on Covid, but Americans are very fleeting in their attention span.”

As proof positive, Biden launched an all-out effort to get every American adult vaccinated. While he managed to convince the overall majority to get stabbed, far less than half have returned for a booster because their attention’s been diverted by stuff Biden’s screwing up elsewhere, so they’ve lost interest.

Last July, the administration hosted an “independence” from the virus celebration where Biden was expected to be hoisted up on the shoulders of his deeply indebted public. Since the event, there have been three nationwide outbreaks of COVID-19. The latest was a repeat of days past as the number of affected people topped 100,000.

A House Democratic aide pinned the tail on the donkey by saying, “Economic issues outweigh everything. People don’t seem to be thinking about how Trump handled the pandemic versus how the Biden administration put us on the road to recovery. They’re just fatigued.”

Yet, the administration has little or no choice but to continue playing the only card they have. Just recently, the Democrats climbed on rooftops to announce how daily Covid deaths were down by 90% since Trump left office. Technically, this had very little to do with either one of them, but when it’s all ya got…

“For the first time in the pandemic, COVID is no longer the killer that it once was,” said an overly enthusiastic White House spokesperson. “The fact that COVID is not running our lives is not by accident.” Sis-boom-bah. 

Biden took his Covid Independence Day victory lap by addressing his fan club from the South Lawn. He boasted with bravado as he strutted like a Bantam rooster only to be fried in Crisco a few days later when the Delta variant came storming in. 

Republicans were quick to question the aptitude of the administration, and the major foo-pah caused division within the Democratic Party who were split over just how far they should follow this moronic madman called Joe.

One thing is for certain though, and let’s call it a bright spot, Biden’s gonna be a one-termer if he even makes it that far.