Top Senate Dem Says He Just Doesn’t Get Biden’s Energy Plans…

mark reinstein /

It’s no secret that Democratic President Joe Biden is changing the energy industry in America – and not for the better. We see the ever-rising gas prices, and we know that they are heavily contributing to the skyrocket of prices for everything else.

He can try to say that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his invasion of Ukraine are to blame. But that’s really not the case. And now, even some of his most loyal and die-hard party members are beginning to agree that he’s only making things worse.

Enter the very partisan Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.

If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he has been one of those establishment Democrats that has become nothing if not reliably partisan. He also was the man named as Hillary Clinton’s running mate and would-be vice president back in 2016. So, he’s not exactly a no-name senator and definitely not without a certain amount of congressional pull.

However, it seems even he is having doubts that Biden’s plan is what is best for either the US or the world at this point in time.

In a recent hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kaine criticized the Biden administration’s current energy plans, namely that they continue to shut down just about each and every oil/gas project in the US. And yet, as oil prices continue to rise and sanctions on Russia make it impossible for both the US and the world to get their energy resources from the red nation, Biden is refusing to let America be a new and much-needed source.

As Kaine said, “I don’t know that there’s a coherent strategy, and if there is, I think the messages are mixed.”

He went on to explain that Biden has said that the US is open to helping out our European allies during these times of gas/oil shortages. Clearly, the recently imposed sanctions and such on Russia’s energy resources have hit our partners where it hurts and causing somewhat of a strain in an already tough situation.

And yet, what Biden’s doing doesn’t seem to make much sense.

“If we are the largest energy producer in the world and we know that, at least transitionally, our European allies need energy sources other than Russia, that us going to Saudi Arabia and say, ‘Please produce more energy when we’re not willing to do it ourselves,’ – I just don’t get it.”

Neither do most of us.

I mean, here we are, as Kaine says, the largest oil producer in the world, if only because of Russia’s recent poor decisions… and yet, we are pretty much begging nations like Saudi Arabia and, possibly soon, Venezuela for their oil resources.

As Biden well knows, we have the resources to supply all of America’s oil and gas needs as well as those of a number of other countries. When he came into office in 2020, we were doing that. In fact, it was the first time in decades that the US could say that we were finally energy independent, not relying on anyone but ourselves for our energy needs. And the gas prices showed it.

However, within hours of claiming the Oval Office, that was all put to a stop. Biden effectively canceled some rather massive oil projects, ones that could have supplied billions both here and in Canada with their energy needs.

He also canceled all future projects and oil/gas leases on both public and federal lands. That includes any possible production of oil in Alaska, where some 25 million acres of untouched oil reserves sit waiting for us to tap into.

To put it rather bluntly, Biden has created an energy disaster – not just for us but for the world. And yet, each and every time he has the opportunity to change it, to decide that America can contribute more than just dollars we don’t have, he only digs in his heels further. As Kaine basically says, it doesn’t make any sense.

And for what? So that we can say we have “gone green?”  As another Democratic senator says, this one being Joe Manchin of West Virginia, “That’s a very lame excuse.”