State Farm Backpedals Regarding the Destruction of the Minds of Children

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The United States is under attack by an internal enemy determined to end the freedoms that so many have given their lives to protect. The Democratic Party is the group of people that have declared war and are determined to poison the minds of every man, woman, and child alive.

The way the liberal’s attack is subtle and may seem harmless. They seek to infiltrate the public school system and higher education learning centers to brainwash the youth of America.

One of the ways that they have infiltrated the schools is by stashing liberal-based books in the libraries of public schools. These books get kids to question their gender and help educate them that they can engage in baby-making activities without consequence.

Republican governors around the country have realized the danger and banned such books from being included in the books that young kids can read. But liberal-run companies are getting involved and are actively donating the poisonous material hoping to sneak them in under the radar.

State Farm is the latest company to come to the center of attention. Someone within the company alerted the public after an internal email was leaked out indicating that the insurance company would try to flood Florida public schools with more liberal poison.

The email indicated that the company was hoping its local agents in Florida would take the material to the schools and insist that they place them in the library. Their devious attempt to undercut the law is a typical ploy used by Democrats to push their agenda forward.

The Daily Wire found that the email stated, “The project’s goal is to increase representation of LGBTQ+ books and support our communities in having challenging, important and empowering conversations with children age 5+.”

There’s been a considerable amount of backlash against this plan.

State Farm has come back and released a statement that indicated that they are not planning to poison the minds of young people for the Democratic Party.

Companies that have decided to engage in politics suffer a massive loss of income because their consumer base leaves for other businesses. People do not want their kids attacked by the liberals and told about things that go against nature.

The email in question was sent out by Jose Soto, who works for State Farm. The liberal wrote, according to the Daily Wire, “This is a fantastic way to give back and an easy project that will help support the LGBTQ+ community and to make the world around us better.”

State Farm is not just targeting Florida. The massive insurance company is said to be working with The GenderCool Project, which aims to spread as much of the poison as it can. Their goal is to spread the material all around the country.

Their attempts to place poisonous books in public-school libraries violate the Education Bill’s Parental Rights. The Florida state legislature passed the bill that keeps the public schools from teaching the alternative lifestyle.

Consumers are already responding to the email and the story that State Farm is seeking to break the law. Many of them are claiming that they will be canceling State Farm policies and switching to other insurance providers.

The public knows that the only way to keep companies from involving themselves in political issues is to send their hard-earned money to places that refuse to take such actions that State Farm denies they are engaging in.

State Farm has stated that they include all people from every walk of life. That all seems noble and fair, but actively placing banned books in school libraries is saying one thing and doing another.

The liberals are great liars. They think they need to politicize the public school system to push the Democratic agenda. They know exactly what words to use to get the public to back off so they can continue with the devious plan to poison the minds of young people.

It seems State Farm has had to learn the hard way that their liberal ideas are deemed poisonous by many of their policyholders.