Hunter Biden’s Hollywood Lawyer Creates a Real Edge of Your Seat Mystery Over the Laptop

Matt Benoit /

This Hollywood lawyer won a 9-figure settlement for the creators of an animated series South Park,and now he is at the helm of the Hunter Biden legal team. Kevin Morris, the well-known entertainment lawyer, has recruited more than 30 lawyers to join his team defending the presidents son. They will be probing into the backstory of how the younger Bidens laptop that contained a massive amount of personal emails and business records found its way to news reporters and government officials. 

Morris, who is not afraid of the spotlight, has already begun a tease with the media to foreshadow a defense of Biden to counter the attacks that are coming from the enemiesof his fathers administration. 

There is an ongoing Republican-led investigation that is looking at Hunters business dealings overseas. After the November midterm elections, the momentum of this investigation could escalate if the GOP takes over the House of Senate. The probe is looking closely at whether there is a conflict of interest in Hunters work while his father was a U.S. senator, vice president, and candidate for the presidency. 

Both Hunter and Joe Biden have said that they did not communicate about business dealings. This is including the time that Hunter Biden had a seat on the board of a Ukrainian energy firm and he was making deals with China. 

Kevin Morris has people all over the country, including some on the ground in Delaware. They are supposedly trying to determine if any malicious contentwas added to Hunter Bidens laptop. But the focus of the defense seems to be less on what was found on the laptop and more on how it was brought into the spotlight. Attorneys are trying to retrace the steps taken to see how it got into the hands of Bidens opponents. 

The owner of the repair shop where the laptop was initially left is John Paul Mac Isaac. He has given his testimony publicly on several occasions and now has plans to release a book about his ordeal. Isaac said that Hunter Biden dropped off the laptop for repairs in 2019 and just never came back. One excerpt from his book appeared in the New York Post, it indicated that Isaac saw some of the material on the laptop and decided that it should be put into the hands of authorities. In a legal briefing, Isaac said that he turned the laptop over to the FBI and gave a copy of it to a representative of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. 

By the end of the 2020 campaign for the presidency, the laptop had become a major focus of Donald Trumps messaging against Joe Biden. The Biden team attempted to raise doubts about the laptops authenticity, but some major news agencies confirmed that at least some of the files on the hard drive were real. 

Hunter Biden cant really give a clear answer about how the laptop was dropped off at the repair shop. He has said that he doesnt know if it is his, he said that he could have been hacked, and he said that Russian intelligence could have stolen it from him. 

Morris is raising an alternative theory that involves a psychiatrist named Dr. Keith Ablow. He was seeing Biden concerning problems with addiction. The Hollywood lawyer is questioning whether Ablow got ahold of the laptop and gave it to authorities. Ablow has a history of appearing on Fox News and has connected his psychiatric assessments with his politics which lean to the right. The doctor has denied any contact with Bidens laptop even though it had been left in a bungalow attached to his office in 2019.

So, Morris is putting together a real Hollywood mystery theater in hopes of defending his client.