GOP Senator Says “Confused” Biden Doesn’t Have a Plan

BiksuTong /

As you have figured out in the past few months, the economy and the atmosphere in this nation aren’t getting better. If anything, it’s getting worse. Inflation is at an all-time high, gas prices are out of control, the border is still being flooded with record illegal crossings, and a supply chain crisis threatens to further destroy our now fragile financial system.

And so far, just about everything the Biden administration and Democratic Party have done is to only further cement our reliance on others and the uncertainty of the American dollar.

Naturally, other national leaders are growing increasingly concerned. And so, a few have begun to brainstorm some ways to either fix or at least better our economy and other areas during this time. One such soul is former Florida governor and current Republican Senator Rick Scott.

If you haven’t heard, Scott recently proposed his 11-Point Plan to Rescue America. It includes ideas designed to promote economic growth, encourage public safety, and create more secure elections. Additionally, some policies would address our current and failing border issues, espouse “color-blind equality” in and out of schools, keep government bureaucracy to a minimum and work to enforce our laws.

Basically, it puts America first in everything. It even asserts that no trades or foreign partnerships will be made that take away from Americans.

But, of course, the political left isn’t too fond of it, if for no other reason than a member of the GOP proposed it.

In fact, Biden even made a public statement about it on Wednesday, calling it an “ultra MAGA agenda” and “extreme.” According to Biden, it would “raise taxes on 75 million American families, over 95 percent of whom make less than $100,000 a year.”

But that’s not really the case. And neither does it seek to only serve the GOP, as Biden suggested with his comments on it being MAGA driven.

As for the taxes, the plan does explain that “over half of Americans pay no income tax each year.” And so, it would change that so that everyone does.

It doesn’t mean that everyone would be paying a lot. In fact, common sense would say that the ones who do have to pay more are because of those who don’t. However, if everyone starts chipping in or having “skin in the game,” as Scott calls it, the taxes for a great many could actually drop.

When it comes to the whole MAGA thing, once again, Biden and the Democrats have taken something meant for good and made it into nothing but politics.

As former President Donald Trump called his campaign, MAGA, or Make America Great Again, was never meant to be about just getting himself into office. As its name implies, it was about restoring the greatness that America once had and was. And that meant putting America first again.

And that is what Scott wants to do with his plan. It’s not to be political and say one side is better than the other. Instead, it’s to create unity and build us up.

Besides, at least he has a plan.

As he explained in response to Biden’s criticism on Fox News, Biden hasn’t proposed anything to combat what ails this nation. Oh sure, he signed a bunch of executive orders. But the only thing they have done is to make matters worse.

And that fact makes Scott think that Biden is “incoherent and confused,” especially when you start looking at reality.

Scott pointed out, “Since (Biden’s) been in office, inflation is 8.5 percent. We just had a negative GDP, down 1.4 percent. So you see, people are struggling all across this country.” Social Security and Medicare have been made “worse” every year, too. In fact, according to most estimations, including one by the U.S. Treasury Department, Social Security is expected to run out in 2034. Medicare only has about four years before it does the same.

And yet, Biden seems unconcerned about it all. Instead, he wants to send more money to Ukraine and cut out fossil fuels completely.

All Scott is trying to do is offer some alternative to the future in store for us if Biden doesn’t get a plan in place. Unfortunately, any programs like this probably won’t see the light of day until someone with actual care for America gets into the White House again.