Elizabeth Warren Accidentally Destroys Biden’s Student Loan Argument

lev radin / shutterstock.com

Joe Biden has succumbed to the pressures of the progressive party. They have been pushing him to adopt their socialist form of rule. At the start of his presidency, the president stated that he wanted to unite the country. But his actions since that day have only served to divide America.

Biden’s latest socialist action is to try to forgive student loan debt for high-paid workers. His plan calls on trade workers and others to pay extra taxes to pay for the personal loans of doctors and other highly paid people.

The idea of canceling student loans is a significant desire for progressives. Senator Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat from Massachusetts. And she had appeared on “The Rubin Report” for an interview. She never expected to be confronted with the socialist idea of loan forgiveness and what it means for the people that would have to pay for it.

Lindsey Granger is a conservative guest host for “The View,” She asked Senator Warren one question that seemed to silence the progressive. Granger asked, “What do you say to someone like me who worked two jobs for a decade to pay all their student loans — just finished. Where do I sign up for reimbursement?”

All that Warren could do was sit there and stare at Granger. The American hater had no words to say. She tried to dodge the question by blaming those who took the loans and, only then, had things happen to them so they could not pay back the loans.

The socialist stated, “So let’s start out with who has student loans today. About 40% of folks with student loans don’t have a college diploma. They’re folks who tried and life happened … and now they earn what a high school grad earns, and they’re trying to pay off college-level debt, and it is crushing their bones.”

Warren acts like it is an unfortunate circumstance that people borrowed the money. She wants people to believe that they were forced into doing something that they did not want to do. But the truth is that every borrower entered into a contract with a lender where they agreed to pay back the loans in an agreed amount of time.

Warren stated, “Keep in mind that of those with student loan debt more than half have negative wealth— they don’t have any wealth. You know that right now there are tens of thousands of people who are living on Social Security, who are having their Social Security checks garnished to pay student loans. And so, this for me is a question of fairness.”

Her argument is based on the notion that people were forced to borrow money. And that it is not fair that those people have to pay back their loans. She represents a greedy group of people who believe that everything should be given to them on a gold platter. They think they should not have to lift one finger to work for things they need in life. The truth is that they signed a contract to repay the money, and no force on earth can terminate that contract legally.

Warren fails to mention that for those who have fallen on hard times, the lender has plans they can enroll in to help repay the loans. She needs people to think that all borrowers are in a helpless situation. But the truth is that most are earning more than enough to afford the low payments of student loans.

Warren’s attempt to dodge Granger’s question does not work well for the Democratic Party. The progressive wants to make people believe that they represent making things fair for everyone. But at the same time, they want to force hourly workers to pay off the loans for doctors and lawyers. Their subtle hypocrisy has forced voters to start casting their support for Republican lawmakers. And the midterm election will be the moment that the Democrats realize they are now a minority party in American politics.