Donald Trump’s Endorsements Lead to GOP Victory in Ohio

Joseph Sohm /

The Democrats all across America are scared to death of the midterm elections. They have realized that their arrogance and pride have left them in trouble with the American people. They all thought they had won a significant fight when Donald Trump left office. But what they failed to realize was that his popularity was genuine. The people loved the way he served the country. And that influence is causing headaches for Democrats as they must face off against people endorsed by the former president.

Trump’s endorsement is bringing new life to a candidate’s campaign after he received the former president’s blessing. J.D. Vance was set to become an afterthought left to the pages of political history. But his comeback and ultimate win in the Ohio U.S. Senate primary have earned him much deserved recognition.

Donald Trump is looking for characteristics in the people he endorses that align with actual American values. Vance was declared the winner, with just over half of the votes counted. Vance will now take on Tim Ryan, the Democrat’s top favorite. Both men are running for the Senate in the midterm elections.

The Democrats know that control of the Senate hangs in the balance. They know that people are sick and tired of being forced to do things contrary to Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Tim Ryan will have to pull out all the stops if he wants to win now that Vance has Trump’s endorsement.

Donald Trump was considered an enemy number of the Democrats while in office. And now, he is still considered a significant problem since he is out endorsing and supporting influential Republicans in critical races across America.

Donald Trump has nothing better to do now that he is out of office. His business is in good hands, which frees him to stay active in politics. The Democrats could not find one thing to pin on the man, so now he is pinning them to the wall, helping people beat Democrats at the ballot box.

Trump supporters trust the former president’s taste in candidates. They wait to hear which people he will endorse, and then they cast their votes for that person.

RedState reported that “Vance was a distant third but surged into a dead heat the last week or so, following a big endorsement from former-President Donald Trump. In a show of political force, that endorsement appears to have saved Vance’s campaign, now positioning him as the favorite in the general election to be the next U.S. senator from Ohio.”

The Republican Party is unified and ready to move forward with fixing Joe Biden’s screw-ups. Donald Trump still has a lot of influence on the party, but some would have endorsed someone else to battle against Ryan in Ohio. The fact that Trump’s man won the primary means that Trump still has much power within the Republican Party.

Trump cannot endorse every single Republican that wanted the nomination. He had to pick the candidate that best represented the American people. Voters want people that are going to represent them in the federal government. They want to see Democrats removed from office because of the way they have destroyed America.

Vance still has a long road ahead of him as he campaigns against Ryan. The nasty Democrats will do whatever they can to smear Vance ahead of the general election. But with Donald Trump’s endorsement and the support of the rest of the Republican voters behind him, the path to the Senate is well underway.

Donald Trump is the nemesis of the Democratic Party. The mere mention of his name is enough to anger the establishment and sicken their stomachs. They failed to oust him out of office during his entire term. And now, they cannot seem to stop him from being involved in politics. His word and influence are both excellent in America. The people trust his word because he proved for his entire term that he is trustworthy and only has the country in his heart.