Democrats Approve of Protesters Invading Personal Space of Supreme Court Justices

Rena Schild /

Joe Biden and his band of liberals are doing a great job of destroying America and blaming everyone else for their destructive deeds. The latest mess that Biden is contributing to centers around the abortion issues. The Supreme Court is dealing with the issue, and abortion supporters are targeting the justices’ private homes with protests and gatherings.

The president should have already denounced the actions of the pro-murder liberals. But so far, the old man has not done a thing to protect the conservative judges. He is sitting back and letting the protesters assemble outside the private homes, putting pressure on the judges to cave into what he believes is correct.

Jen Psaki is the White House Press Secretary that has to confront the nation on behalf of Joe Biden. She had to come out and tell the world that Biden does not care about the justices. Psaki mentioned that they do not have an official position. And the sad part is that the justices’ address was published, so people knew where to go.

Biden knows that his job is to protect the Supreme Court justices. He should have already placed guards around their homes to keep the general public from attacking or taking violent actions against them. The Democrats deliberately abandon fellow Americans and willfully put their lives in danger.

The Democrats are doing whatever they can to pressure the justices so they rule in their favor. The leaking of the opinion draft and its use to incite rebellion and protest is just the first wave of attacks the liberals want to happen.

The Daily Wire noted that Peter Doocy is with Fox News, and he asked Psaki, “You guys spent some time yesterday talking about what you think are … extreme wings of the Republican Party. Do you think the progressive activists that are now planning protests outside of justices’ houses are extreme?”

Psaki views the protest as peaceful demonstrations even though they are in private neighborhoods where children try to play. Doocy wanted to know if Biden would even consider telling people not to protest around private homes. But Psaki was quick to try to dodge the question. She tried to educate Doocy on how America is a nation of peaceful protests. But her political party is better known for its deadly protests.

Biden does not care where the people are protesting because he thinks their feelings need to be justified somehow. The sad reality is that when people protest with their feelings, they are one step away from harming the person they disagree with.

Psaki also noted that “Look, I think the president’s view is that there’s a lot of passion, a lot of fear, a lot of sadness from many, many people across this country about what they saw in that leaked document.”

Doocy wanted to know if the Biden administration even cared that someone posted the addresses of each justice. Psaki kept trying to dodge the question and the issue because she would have to admit that the president does not care about the conservative justices.

The president should have been the first to denounce the addresses’ publication. He should have deployed law enforcement to their homes to protect them. But all he has done is hide in his office and let the liberals march all over private property and put lives in danger.

The president agrees with abortion, and he thinks that people should be allowed to murder unborn children. There is absolutely no way that he will intervene in the actions of protesters who all have the same belief.

The president’s job is to protect the country. And that is certainly not something that Biden is particularly good at. The Democrats cried when protesters came to the Capitol Building to protest the election results. But now, they refuse to do anything about the protests at private homes.