Democratic Activist Tells House Committee that Men Can Get Pregnant…Wait Until You Hear Trump’s Response!

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There’s a verse in the Bible that says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

Today, the prophet Isaiah might have added men for women to the list.

A Democratic witness who was testifying before the House Judiciary Committee for abortion rights actually said that men can get pregnant and have abortions.

Aimee Arrambide is the executive director of the abortion-rights nonprofit Avow Texas. She was being interviewed by Rep. Dan Bishop, a Republican from North Carolina. He asked Arrambide to define what a woman is. She responded, “I believe that everyone can identify for themselves.”

“Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?” Bishop asked.

“Yes,” Arrambide replied without skipping a beat.

The questioning of Arrambide was right after Dr. Yashica Robinson was interviewed. She is an OBGYN and a board member of Physicians for Reproductive Health. Rep. Bishop referenced the fact that she uses she/her pronouns. He noted that Robinson was a doctor and asked him the same question, “What is a woman?”

“I think it’s important that we educate people like you about why we’re doing the things that we do. And so the reason that I use she and her pronouns is because I understand that there are people who become pregnant that may not identify that way. And I think it is discriminatory to speak to people or to call them in such a way as they desire not to be called,” Dr. Robinson stated.

Rep. Bishop persisted so that the doctor would answer his question. When pressed, Robinson said that she was a woman and she would ask what pronouns the person she is talking to wants to be used. When Bishop asked again if she would simply tell him what a woman is, Robinson said, “Yes, I’m telling you, I’m a woman.”

“Is that as comprehensive a definition as you can give me?” Bishop asked.

“That’s as comprehensive a definition as I will give you today. Because I think that it’s important that we focus on what we’re here for, and it’s to talk about access to abortion.”

Rep. Bishop ended the back and forth by saying that she was not interested in answering the question unless it was a part of the message she wanted to deliver.

This all took place at the hearing which was focused on “Abortion Access and Care” and it addressed the threat to abortion rights that is taking place since the opinion of the Supreme Court was leaked that signals the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Since those exchanges at the hearing, conservatives have not been shy in expressing their opinions. Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, addressed the feminist party line that men should not express their opinion about abortion because it was a female issue.

Boebart tweeted, “So I guess men can have an opinion on abortion after all. Thanks for clearing that up.”

Kandiss Taylor, the Republican candidate for governor in the state of Georgia was not as soft. “This is another level of stupid,” Kandiss Taylor wrote on Twitter.

Clare Anne Ath, the Jefferson County West Virginia Commissioner, took a much more cerebral approach to her criticism.

“This line of thinking is a prime example of how postmodernism is destroying western society. When you ‘deconstruct’ basic truths like gender, all other logic and common sense go out the window. The center cannot hold,” she wrote.

But maybe the best response was from former President Donald Trump. He wrote, “The party of science.” And yes, we’re just as confused about it all as you are…