Congress is Finally Talking About UFOs Again after 50 Years of Silence

RobDun /

We’ve suspected that Congress knows a lot more about UFOs than they’ve ever fessed up about.

The Roswell crash took place in July 1947. Many believe that there were UFOs that crashed there and that there was a huge government cover-up.

Area 51, which was built in 1955, has become synonymous with UFOs and alien testing. Even the movie Independence Day poked fun at what was hiding at Area 51, with even the President not knowing all that the government was responsible for researching.

Congress is talking about UFOs again – and that’s because there have been more and more UFOs being reported. Only, it isn’t crazy people in the desert talking about UFO crashes and little green men. It is trained military professionals reporting the UFOs and the strange maneuvers that the spacecraft is capable of making.

We have to know what the UFOs are and if they are a threat to national security.

And to be fair, we’re not talking about UFOs as being from outer space – at least, we’re not assuming that they’re from another planet. It’s why they’re being referred to as UAPs. Unidentified aerial phenomenon. Most believe that these UAPs are from enemy nations that are testing their highly technical drones and aircraft in our air space.

Ronald Moultrie is the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security. He has testified at a House committee hearing on UFOs. There’s a heavy discussion on military efforts to identify the origins of all of these “unidentified” phenomena happening in our skies.

If there are enemy nations sending in aircraft, there’s no telling what they’re doing. Are they spying? Are they planting bombs? Are they looking to create havoc? Whatever it is that they’re doing, they’re invading our air space – and that’s a problem for a number of reasons.

Lawmakers have pledged that there will be more transparency so that we know what’s going on.

Meanwhile, military pilots, naval officers, and more have had to explain what they’ve seen – and we’ve even been privy to some of the photos that have been captured.

It definitely leaves us wondering what is going on.

Pentagon officials have been questioned furiously by lawmakers about what data has been collected. There’s a demand for more answers.

This is when the Pentagon has had to testify – under oath – that the U.S. government is not and has never collected materials from any alien landing on the planet. This means that they’re putting at least one conspiracy theory to rest. Though, that still leaves the question of why Area 51 is still considered top secret, even to those with military IDs.

The majority of the hearing centered around a photo that was captured from the window of an FA-18 fighter jet. There’s a spherical object that was capable of impressive maneuvering. The pilot says that he observed the object and is unable to explain what it is, where it came from, or how it was capable of maneuvering in the way that it did.

If this UAP is from an enemy nation, they have technology that is leaps and bounds above our own. It’s why there’s still not a definitive guarantee that it actually is from an enemy nation. It could be from outside of Earth – yet it seems strange to even suggest such a thing.

The deputy director of naval intelligence, Scott W. Bray, explained, “This time, other U.S. Navy assets also observed unmanned aerial systems nearby, and we’re now reasonably confident that these triangles correlate to unmanned aerial systems in the air.”

Reasonably confident. Not certain.

Bray also explained that “We do not want potential adversaries to know exactly what we’re able to see or understand, or how we come to the conclusion.”

The Pentagon is creating a task force so that more information is collected.

The reality is that we’re not alone in our air space. Whether it’s from within Earth or from outside of it, we deserve to know who it is that we’re dealing with.