Whitmer Makes Bold Move to Remove Old Law from State So People Can Murder Their Unborn Children


The Democrats are steaming mad because they have lost control of the abortion debate. Their beloved Roe v. Wade is in trouble with a conservative Supreme Court seeking to take on the issue now that more states are passing stricter laws to limit the number of children being killed. The stress of losing control is too much for some Democrats to handle, which has led to them finding new ways to allow for the murder of unborn children.

Gretchen Whitmer is a socialist Democrat ruining Michigan. Her lust for death has led her to file a lawsuit that essentially challenges a 176-year-old law that has stayed hidden in time after the Roe v. Wade case was decided. Whitmer is afraid that if the Supreme Court overturns her beloved court case, the old law will take over and forever ban abortion in Michigan.

Whitmer is up for replacement this year, and with more people voting Republican, she is extremely nervous that she will be swept up in the red wave cleansing the country. She needs to have a significant victory she can stand on when it comes time to campaign for the governor’s office. She has already demanded that the Supreme Court in Michigan hear the case before the election cycle arrives.

Newsmax reported that Whitmer stated, “It was important for us to take action now, to ensure that women and providers across the state of Michigan know whether abortions will still be available in the state because it impacts their lives and our health care providers’ practices. It’s crucial that we take this action now to secure and ensure that the Michigan Constitution protects this right that we have had available for 49 years.”

The socialist governor thinks that abortion is a right for all women. But she fails to understand that abortion takes away the rights of the unborn to live. She willfully ignores the rights of others so she can selfishly take life away from them.

The old law in Michigan criminalizes the act of abortion. Any person that intends to cause a miscarriage is charged with a felony and taken to jail.

The Michigan Supreme Court is already at odds with the witchy lady. During COVID-19, she ignored their ruling that her regulation was unconstitutional. She implemented lockdowns and mandates because she felt it was her right as a dictator to force people into submission. And now she sits and demands that they drop everything to deal with a case that she wants to push for the sake of an election coming up.

Newsmax reported that “Whitmer asked that the court intervene in part to avoid legal uncertainty when the federal high court issues its ruling on Mississippi’s ban on abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Should Roe be overruled or curtailed, she wrote, ‘health care providers may feel constrained to restrict access to abortion services to avoid potential criminal liability.'”

Her court case is built on speculation and what-if scenarios. She can argue all she wants about things that may or may not occur. But the one thing she knows is that she must find a way to win to have something to claim as a victory when the campaign trail opens up.

Critics of Whitmer are pointing out the absurdity of her lawsuit and how it is nothing more than a desperate grab for attention. Whitmer does not care about human rights. All she wants is a victory that she can swing around the political arena and knock out her competition.

The governor has her helpers working overtime to develop stories that will persuade the court to rule in her favor. She is surrounding herself with pro-abortion advocates and people willing to go to war if things do not go their way.

The right to live is a fundamental right for all human beings. The Constitution was drafted to protect life – not end it. But the Democrats want to ignore that fundamental element and claim that the right to kill is more important. The longer the Democrats sit in powerful positions, the more they will keep poisoning America. The red wave cannot come quick enough.