Tulsi Gabbard Lets Loose About Who Biden Is Really Helping


Tulsi Gabbard is an outspoken Democrat who is no fan of Joe Biden. She has been extremely critical of the Biden administration – and we love everything that she’s talking about.

It’s nice to see that DINOs exist – Democrats In Name Only. It seems that we only hear about the RINOs that are set to destroy the reputation that the GOP has.

Gabbard has been watching the way that the southern border crisis is being handled. And as Biden is working to lift Title 42 so that we don’t have to worry about stopping anyone at the border due to COVID or any other health restrictions, there’s a big issue.

Title 42 was in place for a reason. It ensured that we didn’t experience a bigger COVID surge than what we already had. The CDC was the one that helped to put Title 42 into place.

Meanwhile, the CDC has even said that getting rid of this will create a surge in COVID cases. Why? Many of the illegal immigrants coming across the border aren’t vaccinated – and most aren’t even being tested before being allowed into the U.S.

This is all a double standard, too. If COVID isn’t that big of a deal so that we can lift Title 42 at the border, why can’t we lift the mask mandates put into place by the TSA at airports and on planes?

It’s about who the Biden administration wants to help.

They don’t want to help Americans.

Instead, they want an open border policy to be able to destroy America.

Gabbard is quick to criticize Biden and Harris, calling the open border policy a “disaster.” More specifically, she says that the “Main beneficiaries are gangs, cartels & human traffickers.”

The Democrat has also decided that she’d point out the obvious solution – The Trump policy where people had to wait on the other side of the border was effective, and it needs to be reinstated.

When Biden got into the office, he acknowledged that the border was an issue. It’s why he put Harris in charge of figuring out a fix. Only, that was just a story to lie to Americans. Harris claimed that she’d work on the “root cause” while immigration got worse. And as a year has gone by only to see more and more illegal immigrants be allowed into the U.S., we’re creating a serious issue – and Americans are the ones being punished by it all.

Gabbard spoke in an interview with Breitbart News to explain what’s really going on. “The reality is that we do not have a nation if we don’t have borders. It’s a false choice for people to say you’re anti-immigrant if you support secure borders. That’s just not the case.”

She’s absolutely right. Look at every country in the world – there is a process in which to cross the border. It ensures that not everyone gets in. We’re the only civilized nation that is allowing anyone to enter – and showering them with gifts such as smartphones, cash, and even bus and plane rides into the interior.

We have to crack down on the borders because we’re making it too easy for the gangs. We’re allowing fentanyl to flow across the border. And we’re handing a win to all of the human traffickers.

As the Democrats continue to push for open borders, we really have to ask who it is that they want to help. As they say they don’t want open borders, their actions at our border that might as well be wide open say otherwise.

The facts don’t lie. Our illegal immigrant population has grown by 1.1 million since Biden took office.

Now, if we could only get more Democrats to see the truth as Tulsi Gabbard has done, we’d be in a better place.