Russian Forces Continue War as Nuclear Ready World Decides What’s Next

Milan Sommer /

The threat of nuclear weapon usage is on the world’s mind. People are concerned that Vladimir Putin will use one of his bombs to get the Ukrainian people to surrender. But what is not widely known is that the fear of nuclear weapon usage has fueled other nations to be ready for such an event. But that fear has also crippled nations from being able to stand up to Putin and push him back into Russia, where he belongs.

The world is so scared that a nuclear war will break out that no one wants to get involved and stop the Russian forces. That reaction is exactly what Putin wants from nations that can stand in his way.

The United States is the one nation that can make a difference for others worldwide. Joe Biden is no exception to that rule. The president is so scared to cross Putin that he is not even willing to get involved and put a stop to the murder of innocent civilians in Ukraine. But the president has to have a backbone and be able to make decisions designed to stop tyranny from spreading.

Philip Breedlove is a retired Air Force general who revealed that the world has fallen for Putin’s scare tactic. American Military News reported that Breedlove stated, “In warfare, you want to deter your enemy, you want to have the initiative and not give the enemy the initiative. And we have ceded the initiative to the enemy. There’s a lot more we need to do in the role of being a provider. We have not gotten a medium- and high-altitude air defense there yet, we have not gotten coastal-defense cruise missiles there. I do not yet understand why we haven’t gotten MiGs [fighter jets] there that other nations want to give them. So, there’s many things even inside our restricted sort of format that we still need to do.”

Putin has played all of his cards, and now it is time for someone to call his hand. And the only person who can do it is the President of the United States. But Joe Biden is someone who does not care about anyone but himself. As long as he is not involved and making waves of war, he thinks he is safe from having to act.

Putin is not going to stop with Ukraine. He has his sights set on other nations that he wants to control. Part of his master plan is making all of Europe dependent on Russian oil. Once his pipeline is in place, and the west starts using his oil, he will be able to control them while invading eastern nations around him. Putin controls Biden much in the same way since Biden is buying Russian oil.

Breedlove stated that “We have been so worried about nuclear weapons and World War III that we have allowed ourselves to be fully deterred. And [Putin], frankly, is completely undeterred. He has switched into the most horrific war against the citizens of Ukraine; it is beyond criminal at this point.”

Breedlove also noted that the message Biden is sending to the other nations just waiting for their chance to make trouble is that no one will stop them. The Chinese are looking to Taiwan, while Iran and North Korea want nuclear weapons for terrorist attacks. And right now, lazy Biden is not doing a thing to stop their advances.

People in America want to help stop the war. But there is nothing they can do unless the president takes that first step. Biden must take more significant action, according to Breedlove. The sanctions are not going to work in the long term. Only a decisive intervention of force will get Putin to back down.

The world does not need war any more than it needs a pandemic. But Putin and Biden are putting on a good show by allowing the war to continue. Biden is just another puppet to move the world to the brink of destruction. The president must take a stand and preserve freedom before it is too late. But before that can happen, Biden will need to wake up from his nap.