Ron DeSantis Proves He Is a Force Not to Be Messed With

Rainer Lesniewski /

Democrats are fuming mad with Governor Ron DeSantis because he continues to do things that make living in Florida great. His latest move at keeping the state free was to develop a congressional map that would help Florida have more of a commanding presence moving forward. The new map has the potential of helping the Republicans gain four new seats in the House of Representatives, too. That concept is more than the liberals can bear.

Politico stated, “The DeSantis administration formally submitted its plan Wednesday to the GOP-controlled Legislature where leaders in that chamber have already signaled. They would accept whatever proposal was offered to them. Wednesday’s move signals the power DeSantis wields in the now-Republican-dominated state. Redistricting in Florida may help shape the composition of the U.S. House for at least the next decade.”

The Democrats have only themselves to blame for how Florida is shaping up. The thousands of people that moved to Florida have now made it possible for the state to acquire more representation in Washington. The four seats that are targeted are all controlled by Democrats. They are the ones that made living in Democrat-controlled areas unbearable.

The liberals have lost a lot of support with the midterm elections looming. Nearly two dozen older liberals have announced that they are retiring after their term expires. They know that they do not stand a chance of being reelected because of how the Democratic Party has treated voters around the country. And now DeSantis comes with a new map that will take even more seats away from the liberals in the House.

The map that DeSantis wants to be approved will effectively remove all the liberals’ progress in Florida. The proposed map would guarantee that Florida would remain free, with Republicans leading the way for years to come. The liberals think they are untouchable, but this map proves that nothing lasts forever. Changes are being made in America to limit the influences of liberal ideology. Their teachings are destructive and not compatible with the freedoms that the Constitution guarantees millions of people.

The Daily Wire reported that “DeSantis has asserted for weeks that Lawson’s current seat — which stretches from Jacksonville to just west of Tallahassee — runs afoul of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions because it was drawn to guarantee the election of a Black candidate. The governor has pointed out that the new map would eliminate contested areas that could be deemed illegal. The new map instead comes up with two new Jacksonville-centered districts that were won by former President Donald Trump.”

Each seat being targeted sits in an area that is highly contested. The new map would balance out the region, making voting fairer in those areas.

The Democrats are worried because all of their hard work at cheating will be wiped out by the single stroke of a pen. They would not have the benefit of their advances with the upcoming midterm elections.

DeSantis could singlehandedly make Joe Biden a lame-duck president for the next two years. He could save the country from sliding down the path of liberalism. The four liberal seats would be handed over to the Republican Party, and the House of Representatives would essentially fall back into the hands of the conservatives.

The Democrats are planning on fighting the new map in court once it is adopted. They will gather their forces of complainers and attempt to get the court system to reject the proposed map. But the map deals with an area already in violation of past court cases.

The nasty liberals cannot accept that they are going to lose in the midterm election. They need to retain the power they have stolen. The very idea of losing that power is more than they can bear. They will fight to the bitter end to see that the new map is rejected. But when it is finally implemented, they will complain about it and make false claims. They cannot accept it when they lose.