One Bedroom Apartments Across the Country Skyrocket to How Much?

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Biden wants to close his eyes and pretend that inflation isn’t happening. The Democrats want to pretend as though they care about the American people. As long as they get their votes in November, they don’t really care – and that’s becoming more and more obvious.

Apartment rent is on the rise all over the country. And as rent goes up by 20, 30, and even 60% in a single year, people are forced to move out. There’s just one problem with moving out – there aren’t any other places to move.

Americans are running out of affordable places to live – and that’s going to lead to bigger homeless problems. If you look in almost every major city, near a park or under a bridge, there are tent cities emerging. It’s the only affordable form of housing. One-bedroom apartments simply aren’t affordable anymore.

So, what is the Biden administration doing about it? Well, they’re not helping to create a solution. Instead, they’re allowing more immigrants into the country – creating more competition for the housing that is available.

Landlords and apartment communities only see dollar signs. With greater demand and limited supply, they can continue to raise prices. It allows them to line their pockets with greed – and since the government isn’t stopping them, they’ll keep at it until they find a point where people will stop paying.

Let’s face it – even the largest one-bedroom apartments are typically small. They are usually around 500 to 600 square feet. And most apartment complexes have limits as to how many people can live there. If you’re lucky, you can have three or four people living in a one-bedroom. It’s tight quarters, but the choices are limited when you’re low on funds – and the Democrats don’t care what you do for housing.

According to Business Insider back in 2016, the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the U.S. was around $1200. And, if you want “extras” like dishwashers, washers and dryers, or fitness centers on-premises, you’d have to spend even more.

That cost is up significantly, but that depends on where you live. You could spend $2300 if you’re in Washington DC, $1600 if you’re in New Jersey, and that’s not even where the madness ends.

In Austin, Texas, the local news reported that rent for a one-bedroom apartment has gone up by about 34% since last year. One resident, Sydney Wizner, used to pay $900 a month. She explained that “They told me that my rent was going to be going up to $1434, which is like at least a 45% increase.”

Imagine being told that your rent or even your mortgage was going to go up by $500 a month. Your paycheck didn’t go up by that much, so how are you supposed to make ends meet?

This is, of course, made even worse because of the inflation that you see at the gas pump and at the grocery store. You could be spending an added $100 or more in gas for your daily commute each month and even another $400 to put meals on the dinner table each month.

With all of the extra costs, it could easily be $1,000 or more in added expenses – and people around the country are struggling.

What does the government have to say about that? They don’t want to even admit that there’s inflation. The Democrats don’t want to admit to anything because it will hurt them in the midterms.

Enough is enough. We have to do something. Close the borders. Become energy independent. Set laws that prevent landlords from raising the rent by 30, 40, and 50 percent each year.

The statistics don’t lie like the Democrats are doing. We have reached a breaking point. It’s time to get a Republican into office to get this mess turned around.