China Is the Model Country That Joe Biden Wants to America Copy

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Joe Biden is lusting after his beloved Chinese brethren as the city of Shanghai suffers under a pandemic that does not seem to end. The communist government has enforced the lockdown to control people in their futile attempt to stop a virus from spreading. But what the red nation is doing to its people is far worse than what any virus could ever do to a person.

The sad reality of the government-imposed lockdown is that the people look forward to having handouts from the government. Communist nations control the people through social programs. Anyone not obeying the rules will not get their daily rations. Biden’s vision for America is a place that depends on the government to provide every single thing a person could ever need for their life. America is founded on the premise that people know what is best for themselves and should be left alone to provide for themselves and help others in need.

Shanghai is the largest city in China. The lockdown imposed on the people has essentially put everyone under house arrest. The lockdowns are causing starvation among the people since no one can go out and get the food they need. And suppliers are not allowed into the city until the lockdown is lifted. The food shortage is just the beginning of their troubles.

The Chinese leaders are treating the people like plague victims. The streets are void of people except those that patrol the neighborhoods looking for anyone violating the lockdown. Those fortunate to be outside are forced to wear hazmat suits because the leaders think the air is toxic because of the virus they created.

Communism is the one type of government that leads to failure. Joe Biden and his socialist followers think it is the answer to everything, but every country under that type of governmental system lives in fear and terror every day. Residents stuck in their homes have tried to order food online and have it delivered, but there are so many people seeking delivery of supplies that the demand is overwhelming the stores.

The people in Shanghai live in fear of starvation under house arrest, but they also have to worry about having enough money to pay for the inflated prices. The government is allowing stores to inflate food prices to the point where it is no longer affordable. The high prices have gotten so bad that a day wage will not even pay for one family’s meals.

The Democratic Party wants to see high prices in America because it will create a dependence on the government to provide for the people. People who cannot afford the high cost of food will be forced to stand in government lines to get their daily meals.

Shanghai was once an open city and free of lockdowns. It stayed open while all others around them were forced into lockdown. But when the variants started to show up, the city reversed its once open status and forced everyone into their homes. The drastic change is highly suspicious and concerning because it shows how wild a communist government can change overnight.

The sad part is that the government wants people to think that the entire city of 26 million people is infected with the virus. But the latest count is only 390,000 people have the virus, which is far less than one percent of the people. The communist people want people to believe a lie so they can justify the ill-treatment the people are forced to live under.

The Chinese suffering in Shanghai is forced to endure the lockdown until May 2. But like all power-hungry leaders, the communist regime will change the date. Joe Biden acts the same way as he institutes mandates and, then, extends them for years. His latest mandate of mask-wearing was finally shot down in court. Biden kept extending the mandate month after month even after the virus vanished from American soil.