Biden Wants To Axe Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” Law for Asylum Seekers…300,000 Are Waiting for the Word

Fishman64 /

Joe Biden’s promise to fix America’s broken immigration system was lauded as a top priority to reel in undeserved votes. All the while Biden’s real purpose was to eradicate anything and everything with Donald Trump’s signature on it, be it a good or a bad idea.

The ‘real’ Joe Biden proved himself on day one by re-instating the Obama era’s DACA program and by lifting a ban that prevented people from major Muslim countries and many African nations from entering the U.S. for security reasons. You get what you pay for and Biden came cheap.

When liberals were obnoxiously screaming over the mistreatment of asylum seekers being held in detention centers, Trump heard them and heeded the call. Rather than the U.S.being forced to take responsibility for housing, feeding, clothing, and providing medical care for tens of thousands of undocumented asylum seekers, he passed the “Remain in Mexico” bill.

The bill allows migrants to apply for asylum but they can’t physically enter the U.S. until their hearing date arrives. If they want asylum bad enough, they have to be willing to camp on the other side of the U.S./Mexico border until their number’s called. Liberals didn’t like that idea, either.

The Biden Administration is fighting tooth and nail to end “Remain in Mexico,” and rightfully so, they’re meeting strong resistance. This is not a handful of happy campers at a KOA we’re talking about. 

Brace yourself. This would send the over 70,000 migrants who have already applied for asylum leaving their smoldering campfires to rush the border. All at the same time. But it gets worse.

Getting rid of the bill would also mean that the thousands of new migrants who are showing up in record numbers could essentially walk right in. In March, the highest number of new arrivals since 2000 came knocking on America’s door. How many? Try 226,000 and they’re still showing up.

Texas and Missouri have already filed lawsuits to keep “Remain in Mexico” alive and kicking. Both states say it’s drastically curbed immigration. Representatives from the states told the Supreme Court, “Many raise meritless immigration claims, including asylum claims, in the hope they will be released into the United States.”

If Biden succeeds, it won’t matter what migrants claim. It’ll all be sorted out once our hard-earned tax dollars are spent to make sure they’re comfy while that’s happening. 

The biggest problem the Biden Administration is astoundingly blind to is the most obvious one. Where are we going to put these people?

Their growing population is larger than most U.S. cities and there are a million better ways to invest our tax dollars in America’s own citizens. Remember those homeless veterans sleeping on sidewalks and those hungry kids in Any Hometown, U.S.A.? 

The border campers are complaining of being terrified. Mexican border towns are notoriously dangerous and they can’t find lawyers to represent their cases. Well…shouldn’t they have known about this going in? 

With nowhere to house or take care of the endless sea of migrants that’ll be marching arm in arm across the border, liberals will once again start screaming about awful living conditions. Then again, if “Remain in Mexico” remains intact, they’ll be screaming about making them wait.

2024 cannot get here soon enough.