Biden Uses 4:20 To Claim He Doesn’t Want People in Jail for Drugs, Still Refuses To Legalize Marijuana

Shawn Goldberg /

April 20th, 4:20, early earth day (the real one is on the 22nd), or whatever else you call the high holiday, it is a date marijuana enthusiasts and those who crusade against it know all too well. People like President Biden made their mark on prosecuting people for low-level marijuana offenses, and are now using the date to campaign against people being in jail for it.

When asked what President Biden’s stance on the use of marijuana is, Press Secretary Jen Psaki said, “The president continues to believe that no one should be in jail because of drug use.” This statement echoes from his 2019 November debate stage appearance. “Number one, I think we should decriminalize marijuana, period. And I think everyone — anyone who has a record should be let out of jail, their records expunged, be completely zeroed out.” Statements that he has yet to support, by the way.

As marijuana legalization is being embraced by both conservatives and liberals in states across the U.S., President Biden is refusing to back up his previous campaign promises here. This is, in large part, because of the conservative support it is receiving in many pockets of the U.S. Conservatives are seeing the tax windfalls in their jurisdictions, fewer problems with criminals, and many are starting to invest and finding themselves making profits they never would have dreamed of in other industries.

Considering the stance of Biden back in 2010, it would almost seem like the conservatives have been the ones backing it this whole time. Telling people that the legalization of marijuana would be a huge mistake and that it was a gateway drug was Biden continuing to preach the DARE gospel of the 1980s and 1990s. The same gospel that made him infamous for being hard on druggies until his kids started having their own problems with them. Since then, Biden has been getting soft on drugs but refusing to give all the way in. He refuses to truly understand what he has been doing, and it is giving conservatives a chance to capitalize on it.

By pushing for cannabis now, conservatives have a chance to do even more to fix the problems Biden refuses to address. He already is looking horrific for the 2024 reelections, and the 2022 midterms are nearly a lock for conservatives to sweep. They can secure a bigger sweep by getting the middle-of-the-line voters who are pro-marijuana on board with them. This means getting the marijuana legislation through Senate after barely making it through the House.

As conservatives start to become more honest with one another and themselves, they realize how much damage the DARE programs and laws have punished the very people who should be a cornerstone of our voting base. The blue-collar workers aren’t going to be in love with the liberal agenda, so hooking them in by allowing the American people to decide for themselves about marijuana would be in our best interests. We know the working man wants the choice, so let’s give it to him.

Beating Biden out at another failed promise of his would be one of the best things the party could do for themselves and America. We want Biden gone, his time and his message already put the US on life support. By getting him out ASAP, we’ll have the best opportunity to get things fixed and back on track. Ensuring we get marijuana legalized since Biden won’t is exactly how we do it, and how we sweep in 2024 as well.