Biden Keeps Hiding His Friends With Benefits to Protect Hunter

Perry McLeod /

The more info that comes out on Hunter Biden, his laptop, his horrific business dealings across the globe because of his last name, and how he has used that influence to get what he wants, the more problems President Biden has to handle. As such, he’s being forced to reconsider who the American people know are his friends. Needless to say, this causes quite a rift for the President when more and more voters are paying attention to the situation.

Pete Schweizer is the author of “Red Handed”, and he’s finding big trouble when he looks at the level of secrecy with anyone who met with Sleepy Joe or Hunter Biden. He thinks this is something that is “hugely important.” On a Sunday Morning Futures segment, he met with Miranda Devine to discuss this as well as the visits of Chinese officials.

“It’s very clear, I mean, there were, in the laptop and in the other email collections we have from Bevin Cooney and others, I believe Miranda has that collection as well, instances where Chinese officials — this includes CCP officials and businessmen — came to the White House in 2011, and they appear in the White House visitor’s logs meeting with certain officials.”

These kinds of hidden meetings and keeping the American people in the dark is not a good thing for either the President or his son. The American people demand accountability, and since Joe must keep his life so intertwined with Hunter, that means Hunter gets to be a part of this, too. Now, that’s not to say he doesn’t get away with things, but daddy is risking it all to ensure his dear Hunter stays out of trouble…and the gravy train keeps on running.

As Schweizer went on to explain, this is only the beginning for President Biden. “There’s no mention of a meeting with Vice President Joe Biden, but if you go back and look at their social media and some of their web statements, they indicate that they did, in fact, meet with Vice President Joe Biden at that time, and when you trace it back, you see that there was a meeting that was on the official White House visitors log in one room and Joe Biden’s office was next door. To me, this is extremely troubling, of course, because what it means is they’re trying to conceal who Joe Biden is actually meeting with and there are other examples that Miranda has cited from Ukraine and Kazakhstan.”

This is the kind of behavior our President should be advocating against. The person running the free world (at least in title) should be beyond reproach. Their character and moral compass are unwavering. Americans, at least those who believe in democracy, need to believe in their President and what they are doing. Once that trust is gone, it can spell disaster for the American people.

For four long, grueling years, the liberals did their best to sling mudball after mudball at President Trump while he was in office. The mainstream media would print everything they could about him and try to find ways to make enough people mad that he was forced out of office. Yet, as many of their allegations were brought to light, they were dismissed and proven to be untrue.

Unfortunately, some allegations took longer than others to be proven untrue, and some allegations are still being tied to Trump even though he is no longer in office. This just goes to show that the mainstream media will chase a good man if he isn’t a liberal, but they will ignore directly proven and well-known criminal conduct from one of their own. Just as long as it means they can keep writing drivel that their audience laps up like a dog at a water bowl…