Biden Gets Thrown Under the Bus by His Chief of Staff

Trevor Bexon /

It doesn’t take a long look to realize that Democratic President Joe Biden is unwell. And by that, I mean his mind is not all there or where it should be. Proof of this can be found in just about any one of the many statements, national addresses, or even one-liners given to the reporters over the last couple of years.

I mean, who gets their wife confused with their sister? Or can’t remember his former boss’s name, that boss being Barack Obama? And the list goes on and on.

Of course, the establishment media and Democratic Party as a whole have done really well to cover for him in nearly every instance. They said he was tired from being on the road all the time, they say his job is hard, or they just ignore the whole thing.

Now, to be clear, I do not doubt that campaigning for the White House is exhausting and that since he achieved that goal, his job as president isn’t difficult.

But the frequency in which these types of blunders or mishaps occur is rather staggering, to say the least, and definitely implies that there is something else going on besides the mere stress of the job.

Hell, even his very own chief of staff seems to agree on that point, according to one of his most recent tweets.

Enter White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

On Tuesday, Klain retweeted a remark from CNN’s John Harwood that doesn’t exactly put Biden in the best light.

As you might imagine, the remarks were regarding Biden’s most recent speech given in Poland about the Ukraine/Russia conflict, during which Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a “butcher” and that he could not “remain in power.”

What Biden said may, in fact, be true to some degree. However, as President of the United States, he certainly shouldn’t be saying it out loud, especially in a speech to be heard worldwide.

And the fact that he did has earned him more than a small amount of criticism, even if it was disguised in compliments, as Harwood’s was.

Harwood’s tweet noted that while Biden has done well to “avoid escalation” with his military decision, his “last-line ad-lib about Putin represented a significant lapse in discipline.”

And indeed, it did. Furthermore, as a journalist, Harwood was in his right to say as much.

For Klein, however, the same cannot exactly be said. Yes, he’s legally allowed to say what he wants about the president. But as Biden’s chief of staff, admitting that his boss has a “significant lapse in discipline” might not be all that advised, both for the entire Biden administration as well as himself.

But admit it, he did, even if it was done by merely retweeting Harwood’s remarks.

It’s also important to note that this is not the first time Klein has made such an error in judgment regarding his Twitter account.

In January, he retweeted comments about inflation, basically admitting that Biden’s poor choices had led us to the number that remains “high by recent standards.”

In October of last year, he retweeted something about inflation and our economic woes, once again pointing out that we did indeed have problems.

One of his worst retweets was done in December and noted that while unemployment was going down, it was only a measly .2 percent.

But his tweets aren’t just making a bad name for Biden. Instead, some have actually had legal ramifications, such as one from last year, in which Klain retweeted something about how the vaccine mandate by OSHA was a workaround. The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans agreed and, therefore, ruled it unconstitutional.


I’m beginning to think Klain is a closet Republican or just doesn’t like his boss. Either that or he’s just too stupid to realize the damage he’s doing to his own party and president. In either case, he might as well just keep it up.