Another Departure on Harris’s Staff Leaves Her Sad & Alone

Sheila Fitzgerald /

Kamala Harris may be the most disliked person in all of Washington DC. She certainly has not figured out how to treat her staff with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Countless stories tell the tale of how she talks down to them, berates them, and even demands that they stand when she enters the room.

It’s no wonder why staff members leave – and the VP has faced a significant amount of staff turnover. No one should be wanting to leave the VP’s office unless things are bad. And clearly, they’re very bad when staff would rather take a step down than continue being under Harris’s rule.

The departures have left the VP scrambling to maintain her status. It’s causing her approval rating to drop even further. And that’s saying something considering it was already low.

Now, another departure leaves people wondering if Kamala Harris is even capable of staying on as VP. After all, how many people have to leave her side before questions are asked?

Harris’s senior advisor left her at the end of last year. And there have been nine aids to leave, too.

Now, the Deputy Chief of Staff is running for the nearest exit, too. Michael Fuchs has already written an internal memo to say that he’s leaving – though it hasn’t been disclosed as to why he’s leaving or what new opportunity awaits him.

For most people in the political world, working for the Vice President of the United States is about as high of a position as you can get. Yet, for Fuchs and others, they would rather take a demotion and a pay cut than have to deal with Kamala Harris for a second longer than what is absolutely necessary.

Losing the Deputy Chief of Staff is a significant blow. Harris has no one. There’s no one who seems to be willing to stand at her side and say that everyone else is being ridiculous or sensitive.

Harris is even hiring a new chief speechwriter.

Someone has to put a positive spin on what Kamala Harris is doing – and fast.

We haven’t seen anything positive about the woman – and that’s even before she was chosen as the VP by Biden.

She has berated her husband in public. She laughs at the most inappropriate times. And she criticizes people for what has been described as a “soul crushing” level of criticism.

It’s no wonder why she didn’t make it through the primaries. No one wanted to have her as president. Yet, in typical Biden fashion, he doesn’t listen to the American people. Rather than seeing that as a sign that no one likes her, he went ahead and made her his VP. And why? Because she fit the gender and race profile that he wanted.

Qualifications? We don’t need no stinkin’ qualifications.

Only we do. And it’s become increasingly more obvious that Kamala Harris is absolutely incapable of being the VP. Hell, she can’t even be a decent human being – which has become more than a bit apparent based on how everyone hired for her office can’t seem to run out of there fast enough.

It’s unlikely that any of the new staff hired for Harris’s office will suddenly be able to make the VP into a likable person. She’s already shown her true colors. If she really wanted to be liked, she’d start by doing her job. The southern border is still there waiting for her – and with Title 42 being lifted in the very near future, it’s obvious that Harris is just going to watch as more immigrants come pouring into the U.S.

Yep. The departure of Fuchs tells us everything we need to know about Kamala Harris. And none of it is representative of the qualities we look for in a VP or any politician, for that matter.