School Officials Arrested in California for Hiding Sexual Assault Activity

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The public school system is supposed to be a place where students can learn without fearing assault or any other kind of bullying. And in most places, sexual assault is supposed to be reported to law enforcement, or those that fail to do so will face charges of their own. And that is precisely what happened to two assistant principals working in the Wilmer Amina Carter High School in Rialto, California.

The two assistant principals have since been arrested for not reporting three different sexual assault instances at the school. These two people should have protected the victims and reported the matter to the police. But instead, David Yang and Natasha Harris kept their mouths shut and protected the scum that sexually abused other students.

Both assistant principals were arrested and charged with two counts of failing to report child abuse or neglect and one count of child abuse. The first two charges are considered misdemeanor-level crimes, but the child abuse charge is a felony. Their work in school education is over because they would not do the right thing and report the crimes.

The abused kids have a long road ahead of them to recover from the trauma of being abused and then having school officials turn their backs on them. But they failed to do their job, and now they will lose their jobs forever as they are now part of the family of felons. One of the abused fathers stated, “They’re mandated reporters and supposed to do their job. They should be held accountable every way shape and form possible.”

An older boy assaulted one young girl, and when she went to report the instance, all that was said to her was that she was attacked because of how she was dressed. The boy who put his hands on the girl was defended while the victim was shut out and bullied for how she was dressed. The school officials failed to protect her when she needed them the most.

The Daily Wire reported that “The parents learned of the allegation last week after their daughter told school officials she was being harassed by the alleged perpetrator. After the student complained to the school last week, it was uncovered that another accuser came forward to administrators in September 2021. The alleged victims are 15 and 16, and the same male student is noted as the alleged perpetrator. Police led the investigation.”

The same boy was the bully in all three instances. He had his female targets and went after them. And when school officials failed to report the crimes, he became even more aggressive and started to harass the girls even more. The two assistant principals could have cared less about the young girls who had been assaulted their bodies and minds by a sexual predator.

The school quickly released a statement that distanced them from the accused. They wanted parents to know that they place the student’s safety above everything else. But when two high-level administrators fail to do their job, there are grounds for some significant improvements.

The sad part is that the school copied what the state does in practice. Democrats love criminals and allow them to do what they want up to a certain point. These two adults agree with the ideology of the Democratic Party in the state. They did not see the importance of making a scene by reporting the crimes of a sexual predator.

The school in question is part of a group of schools that educate 25,000 students. These students depend on their teachers and leaders to help them stay safe to learn without having to fear for their lives. California demands that all child abuse cases and neglect be reported to law enforcement. Failure to do so is a crime and punishable by law.

The first case should have been reported, leading to the male being arrested, which would have prevented the other two cases from ever happening. The two assistant principals have failed over 25,000 students and their families.