Nikki Fried Goes All In with “Say Gay” Campaign Against DeSantis

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Nikki Fried is one of the leading Democrats who is trying to take down Ron DeSantis in the upcoming gubernatorial race. She’s currently the Florida Commissioner of Agriculture – and she’s ready to prove to the state that she has what it takes to “fix” everything.

Most people in Florida would say that there’s not much to fix. DeSantis is beloved by the Republicans in his state – and he works hard to make sure that people are able to hold onto their basic freedoms.

In a world where we depend on the news to understand what is going on, we can’t deal with fake news. It’s why Trump was so loud throughout his four years because the liberal media would launch fake news attacks to discredit him.

Fried has proven that she’s willing to play dirty if it means taking DeSantis down.

It all comes down to this: DeSantis is trying to protect the children of Florida from the liberal agenda of sexualizing children at a young age.

The Parental Rights in Education bill is all about making sure that there are no classroom discussions about gender identity or sexual orientation for children in grades kindergarten through third grade.

Fried and other liberals have nicknamed it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. There’s no such verbiage in the bill. It’s to ensure that children aren’t shoving content that isn’t age-appropriate at students.

It’s important for such a bill to pass as it will allow many parents to address topics with their children based on when they deem it to be appropriate. The first time that a child hears about various sexual orientations or gender identities can lead to countless questions – and parents should be able to field them first.

Let’s remember that the U.S. is still a predominantly Christian country. Children who go to church are taught that God identifies the gender of a person and that he doesn’t make mistakes. Having a teacher or third party teach otherwise, especially at a young age where a child doesn’t know any better, can lead to confusion.

Fried has decided to jump onto this divide, assuming that passing this bill is the way for her to make a real run for the governor’s chair. She has tweeted to say, “Do me a favor and say gay.” She also says it at some of the different presentations that she makes throughout the state.

The Florida Senate Democrats Twitter account even tweeted “We’ve got one thing to say to our GOP colleagues – GAY.”

Talk about misinformation.

Far leftists want to call the passing of this bill “reprehensible” and “homophobic.”

They don’t seem to understand that parents should be the ones to introduce topics to their kids. There’s no reason why a kindergartner needs to learn about gender identity. A second-grader shouldn’t be lectured about sexual orientation. Especially not in the classroom. If a child has a gay or transgender family member, great – that’s a discussion that happens in the home.

As Christina Pushaw, the press secretary for DeSantis pointed out, “You can say ‘gay’ all you want, but why do you feel compelled to say it to kindergarteners?”

And that’s really the difference between the liberals and the conservatives at this point. Why does a young child need to learn any such narratives at such an early age?

DeSantis has also pushed back on the media recently as Fried goes full-blown crazy on the bill. A reporter called the governor out to say that “it says it bans classroom instruction on sexual identity and gender orientation.”

DeSantis’s response shut the whole argument down. “For who? For grades pre-k through three — 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds, 7-year-olds. The idea that you wouldn’t be honest about that and tell people what it actually says– it’s why people don’t trust people like you, because you peddle false narratives.”

Let that be a lesson to Nikki Fried and all of the other liberals who want to spread misinformation.