New COVID-19 Tests Giving False Positives to Users

Jarun Ontakrai /

For the better part of two years, the liberal-run Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control have been giving fake messages about the COVID-19 virus. Every week it was something new, or they would change the regulations on how to stay safe. And in the end, people stopped listening to these expert agencies. No one knew what to believe.

And now that 2022 has finally arrived and the midterm elections are coming up, the liberals are looking for ways to start telling the truth behind things that they have used to manipulate people into doing unconstitutional things. The latest thing they are admitting to is that some of the test kits used at home are giving off false positives.

The FDA claimed that what they are calling unauthorized test kits should not be used. Conveniently, they cover themselves from a lawsuit by stating they never approved the sale of said test kits. But the real issue is really how long this truth has been known and how much of it has played into tainting the COVID-19 numbers.

The Democrats capitalized on the pandemic because it allowed them to seize power and treat people like the scum that chose not to comply. The liberal leaders kept changing the mandates and regulations to fit their need to control people.

At one point, Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that wearing more than one mask was better than wearing a single one. His story quickly changed when the American people started making fun of the idea, and it became unpopular to wear multiple face coverings.

The entire pandemic was marked with liberals claiming people could trust them. But when the test kits first came, there was a lot of speculation about their reliability. And now it seems that those concerns were rightly justified. The COVID-19 rapid antigen tests were given false readings.

The FDA was quick to deny that they ever approved the use of the test kits. The Democrats would come off looking like thugs and abusive leaders than what they are currently viewed as right now. They could not afford that kind of accountability ahead of the midterm elections.

Newsmax reported that “use in the United States, the health agency said, adding that they may show false results. The warning was issued against unauthorized versions of Celltrion USA Inc’s DiaTrust COVID-19 Ag Rapid Tests, SD Biosensor Inc’s STANDARD Q COVID-19 Ag Home Test, and ACON Laboratories’ Flowflex SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Rapid Test.”

The Food and Drug Administration warns people that they should not buy any test kit that the FDA has not approved. This liberal organization has already let the people down on more than one occasion with how it handled COVID treatments and other issues. The credibility of the FDA hangs in ruins, and now they come out telling people the test kits are not reliable.

According to the agency, Newsmax also pointed out that “The unauthorized Acon test comes in blue packaging, SD Biosensor in a white and magenta box and Celltrion’s in green and white packaging.”

So far, no one has been injured from a non-approved kit. But that is not remotely comforting knowing that Joe Biden and his people have lied to the American people for most of the pandemic days. The American people do not know who they can trust within the Democratic Party.

The test kits have been recalled. The question of why all of these companies are having the same problem remains to be answered. But it stands to reason that Biden is responsible for the adverse kits giving false readings.

Joe Biden has never cared for the country. He is more concerned with pleasing the Chinese than he is at doing his job as the President of the United States. He was the one who promised test kits would arrive soon, and since he never checks things out before handing them out, he failed to follow through on his promise to give reliable test kits for people to use at home.