Mask Mandate Coming to an End in Chicago for Most People but There Are Some Left in the Dust

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The COVID-19 virus is miraculously coming to an end in the United States because this year is an election year, and the ruling Democrats are scared to death. They are scared of losing the power that they stole in 2020 during the presidential election. They have pushed the pandemic as far as they can, and now that they are getting beat up at the polls over it, they want to back off and act like they never abused people with lockdowns and mandates.

Chicago, Illinois, has been under siege for the better part of two years. The Democratic Mayor named Lori Lightfoot has made it her mission to divide and punish the city for being in existence.

The mayor admitted that the city had forced people to mask up. The pointless mandates of facial coverings did very little to stop the virus from spreading. And yet, with a meager death rate and transmission rate, the ratty mayor thought it best to force people to give up their freedom of choice and make them wear a mask over their lips.

People will no longer be required to mask up when eating out or going to the bars. And they will not have to prove to anyone that they have been vaccinated—the Nazi-like treatment of people has finally ended in Chicago, Illinois. And yet, with the pandemic ending, the pathetic mayor and Democrats cannot seem to let go of the power they are drunk with fully.

RedState reported that the Chicago Tribune published that “Lightfoot said she will ‘not hesitate’ to impose new rules and mandates to protect public health in the future but said her goal is to never ‘shut down our economy again.’” She states that she will never lock down the city, but those words are made during an election year and are subject to change when it suits her best interests.

Lightfoot cannot bring herself to remove all of the mandates at once and right away. RedState revealed that “Lightfoot’s announcement was widely expected. The city had said lifting the mandate will require three out of four COVID-19 metrics to fall to the lowest or second-lowest category of risk — and remain there for two consecutive weeks. City officials later said, however, that they would consider going forward with dropping the mandate even if they hadn’t hit those totals to avoid confusion for residents.”

The only confusion that people have had to deal with has been over the ever-changing mandates that Lightfoot keeps putting out. And now she wants to confuse people by slowly removing only a fraction of the mandates. The mandates are slated to be rolled back slowly over several weeks. That means people will have to closely follow what the old mayor is doing all along the way.

Lightfoot does not want people to realize that the virus had an unusually high survival rate. Its rate is said to have been better than that of the flu. And for the youth, the survival rate was even higher. Just in a year, there were only eight reported deaths among children.

Mayor Lightfoot was never a person who would follow the facts. She was content to do her own thing and not let people make choices for themselves. She found a way to seize power and make up a story so she could keep that power. And now that the reason is fading away, she is too slow to let it go.

Part of the issue that Lightfoot is having is that the kids will be forced to continue to mask up. Kids do not have a problem with the virus being in their bodies. They have a much higher beating rate than any adult ever did. The kids need to lose the masks to get back to doing what kids do best, and that is learning and playing together.