Jerry Brown More Worried About Climate Change Than People Being Able To Get To Work

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Former governors tend to be a special kind of stupid when it comes to speaking their minds on politics. As the former governor of California, Jerry Brown is already used to the idea of everything being overpriced, and as a Democrat, he thinks more about progressive issues than the issues the working man cares about. As a matter of fact, he founded his last two terms in office on climate change.

We see how well the idea of fighting climate change goes. The prices go up for everything, and nobody can get the help they need to keep things reasonable. That doesn’t matter to people like Jerry Brown, though. During an interview with the Associated Press, he conveyed just how little he cares. “It’s true that the Russians are earning money from oil and gas, but to compound that problem by accelerating oil and gas in America would go against the climate goals, and climate is like war: If we don’t handle it, people are going to die and they’re going to be suffering. Not immediately, but over time.”

Yes, Jerry, people will die. We can handle the environmental issues as they come up, but right now we need to keep things going. The people cannot afford to jump over to green ideas immediately. In rural areas, the idea of a hybrid vehicle makes absolutely zero sense. The solar panels only work if you have enough of them to make up for the cost over time, and that upfront cost is rather sizeable still.

If you want to see the American people go green, it will require a few things. Years of lower fossil fuel costs to help people set aside the money to make the upgrades. A way to make green resources like electric cars without stripping the planet in horrifically damaging ways is a must-have. As well as enormous tax credits to make wind and solar power more accessible in rural areas at an affordable price.

The sad part is the federal government won’t concede to these ideas. The left just expects us all to lockstep with them and make all these changes overnight with little to no federal assistance. With people like Jerry Brown and President Biden so out of touch about the issues of the common man, they cannot possibly understand what their ideas mean to the American working family. They have no idea how badly this astronomical increase on gas is hurting American wallets.

They wanted to see the economy restored after COVID. While things were being rebuilt efficiently under President Trump, they tapered off a bit after Biden took office. Now, initially, that was not his fault. That has historically happened any time a Democrat took office. However, it’s been more than a year since he became President. He has had ample time to get things in order and to get the economy back on track and functioning.

Instead, he’s worried about climate change, the Build Back Better bill, and other random progressive issues that people like AOC seem to make up out of thin air. The topics they claim the people need help with are often topics nobody discusses unless they bring it up first. Their motions to keep the American people suppressed until they get their way is disgusting.

However, with the 2022 midterms coming up, there may just be light at the end of the tunnel yet. The option of getting Americans back to work at full capacity, and getting this economy back to the booming status it was at the end of 2020 is back again. With any luck, the changing of the guard will allow more conservative voices to be heard. If we can rely on historical data, it is almost a certainty with this midterm. As for Jerry Brown, his opinions are neither wanted nor appreciated.