Innocent Trump and Family Decide To Quiet the Rebels

Gints Ivuskans /

The nasty liberals have been after Donald Trump and his family ever since he beat them in the 2020 race for the White House. Ever since that fateful day, they have tried non-stop to frame the man and all those that would support him with things that would put people in prison. The Democrats tried twice to impeach him and failed. And less-powerful Democrats even tried to claim that he was a cheat and needed to have his finances looked at.

For years, the Democrats have tried to sneak a peek at Trump’s tax records. They were looking for anything that they might be able to use to bring down their powerful nemesis. But they could not find what they were looking for.

In the fight, Gavin Newsom and his Democratic friends in California tried to pass a law that required all ballot-seeking officials to submit their tax returns. But his beloved liberal state court would strike down the measure and deem his efforts unconstitutional. There were also other state-level attempts to gain access to Trump’s finances, but all would ultimately fail.

But the fight did not stop even after Trump was out of office. The Democrats knew that he was still a powerful contender for future elections, and they still needed to bring him down.

The Democrats are tenaciously attacking the man since he refuses to cooperate. The fight would ultimately end up in New York and involve his family and others within his empire. But that all is coming to an end now that Donald Trump and his family have decided to take a seat and provide depositions, which is another way to smear their innocence in the Democrat’s faces.

Trump has driven the left nuts with his refusal to answer questions. The liberals have tried to find people willing to accuse the man of forcing them to make bad investments in his corporation. Trump will speak first, followed by his kids. But no one ever forces someone to act financially. Trump’s accusers made investments on their own, and now they want to blame him for their failures.

The loony left wants to try and pin Trump for somehow violating anti-racketeering laws. They wanted to try and make it look like he fraudulently took people’s money and used it for his greedy purposes. But the liberals have yet to build a case worthy of going to court.

Newsbreak reported that the lawsuit states, “From 2005 to at least 2015, defendants received millions of dollars in secret payments to promote and endorse CAN. In return, Donald J. Trump told prospective investors that ‘[y]ou have a great opportunity before you at ACN without any of the risks most entrepreneurs have to take,’ and that ACN’s flagship videophone was doing ‘half-a-billion dollars’ worth of sales a year.’ Trump also told investors that he had ‘experienced the opportunity’ and ‘done a lot of research,’ and that his endorsement was ‘not for any money.’ Not a word of this was true.”

The Democrats will do anything and dupe anyone into believing their lies. The people they supposedly found to stand against Trump have bought into a liberal conspiracy designed to smear the image of the one man capable of beating the liberals at their own game. He would be able to beat them honestly, which would be another smack in their faces.

The attorneys representing Donald Trump and his family have pointed out the people made the choices themselves and invested money freely without being coerced by Trump or anyone else. Their losses are not because they have been lied to, but rather because of ignorant investments.

The Democrats need to keep Trump busy in court to find a person able to take him on. But the sorry part about their effort is that there is not a person within their ranks who can beat Trump in the next election should he decide to run for president again.