Ilhan Omar Despises Sending Weapons to Ukraine

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The nasty progressives are stepping out in front of the cameras again to make known that they support the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are so supportive that Ilhan Omar had to speak out and dictate that providing weapons to the Ukrainian people would end in disaster for everyone. She supports the destruction of the people simply because she does not want them to be able to defend themselves.

Omar took to Twitter to write that “The consequences of flooding Ukraine with billion dollars in American weapons, likely not limited to just military-specific equipment but also including small arms + ammo, are unpredictable & likely disastrous. Specially [sic] when they are given to paramilitary groups w/out accountability.”

The extra groups that the wicked Omar speaks about are groups of people that are not part of the official military but have decided to stay and fight for their country. These are very patriotic people and will not let the actions of one dictator from another country destroy everything they have.

Omar’s argument is full of flaws and favoritism towards the Russian invasion. Many of the Ukrainian people need weapons to stop the slaughter of their people. The Russians have not limited their targets to military installations. They are attacking and destroying everything in their path. And so far, they have not cared about the people who have died due to their advances.

The wicked progressive is also speaking about a hypothetical reality. She has convinced herself that providing guns to Ukraine will make things worse. But there is no way that she can prove that fallacy. Nick Pappas has responded to Omar’s fearful statement. He noted that “You’re worrying about a possible problem, which very much is possible. But the alternative is a sure problem – not arming people who are fighting for their very sovereignty and letting them get slaughtered in an unjust imperial invasion.”

Omar is so deranged in her thinking that she cannot see Russia’s injustice against innocent people. The Ukrainian people did not ask for Russia to march across their border and attack. One morning, they woke up to find the Russian military marching through their towns and demanding that the people surrender.

Omar’s disdain for life is seen in her support of the invasion. The Russian military has targeted families with kids and has left them to die in the rubble created from the bombings. One child died of dehydration while others died in the bombings.

But now that the war is underway, Omar went from neutral ground to believing that the people who did not flee the country deserve to die. She would be singing a different tune if an invading force came to her door and demanded that she surrender her home or be killed. The little Nazi would be demanding help to defend her home against the invaders.

Joe Biden has yet to declare any action favoring the Ukrainian people. The country has cried out for help from its allies, but the president has ignored those cries so far. Biden is a weak president, which is why Russians thought they could go ahead and invade their neighbor.

Omar had a few things to say to the people who were bashing her over her words. And her response reveals just how twisted her mind has become. She sees herself as a leader and an essential figure in Congress. But in all reality, she is nothing more than a servant of the people that needs to listen to the people and perform their wishes instead of her own.

There is not a person in her district who will agree with what has she said about the war. People in the United States are ready to defend the Ukrainian people. They need their servants in Congress to act accordingly and get things moving.