Gavin Newsom Just Issued Death Sentence to Unborn Children

AndriiKoval /

Gavin Newsom is up to his old tricks again with murdering unborn children and making it easy for others to do the same. The socialist governor has long believed that an unborn baby is not a human but rather a blob of cells that can be exterminated if the mother decides that she does not want to have the baby.

The Democrats do not support life. Their support groups, such as the infamous Black Lives Matter and Antifa nuts, would rather kill people than listen and debate things out. When a liberal politician is questioned or confronted with something they have done wrong, they lash out and immediately forget that life matters. And if they can get away with it, extinguishing the opposition is not too far removed from their code of ethics.

The nutty governor signed a bill that bars insurance companies from charging people for having an abortion. They cannot collect any co-payment or deductible. In essence, Newsom has made abortion-free for people that cannot afford to have one.

In his own words, Newsom stated that “With this legislation, we’ll help ensure equitable, affordable access to abortion services so that out-of-pocket costs don’t stand in the way of receiving care.”

The Democrats make the issue of abortion seem noble and medically necessary. Newsom wants people to be able to murder a baby quickly and without having to pay the $20 co-pay that would usually be charged. The nasty man and his wife are both guilty of assisting people in killing off human life.

His wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, even stated that “In the face of nationwide attacks on reproductive rights, California has taken action to improve access to reproductive care by removing financial barriers to this essential health care.”

The governor’s wife talks about rights but fails even to mention the rights of the tiny human trying to grow up. An unborn baby is nothing more than a lifeless mass to the Democrats. But when the child is not even recognized as a human being until birth by the liberals, it is easy to see why they can easily justify killing the life within.

And to some, humanity does not begin until the lifeform becomes self-aware. Another way they can justify killing off disabled people, and the elderly is when they become a burden in life to them.

Newsom cannot help himself from killing off those within the state of California. He has successfully run off significant corporations because of how he handled the pandemic. He has systematically destroyed the power industry, and, now, he is seeking to kill off any hope of new life being born on the west coast.

Gavin Newsom has allowed the murderous organization known as Planned Parenthood to have access to all college campuses in the state. While at the same time banning protestors that support life from even being able to be around abortion clinics. He is afraid that pro-life influence will get a mother to change her mind about killing her baby.

His goal in signing the new bill is to entice more people to step into the murder clinic. The president of Planned Parenthood, Jodi Hicks, could not be more excited about the new number of dead babies that she will be able to count on to supplement her statistical data.

And the carnage does not stop with Newsom’s new bill. Nancy Skinner is another liberal wanting to set up a fund for women to travel to the state to have an abortion. Skinner wants to make it easy for women who cannot kill their baby in their home state to take a vacation and have it done while playing in the sun. Abortion tourism, everyone. What a sick reason to take a vacation.

Children are under attack in America, and it is the Democratic Party that is waging war. Republicans and parents can fight back as hard as they can to stop the murderous injustice taking place in areas ruled by Nazi-Democrats. Life matters, and nothing a liberal says will ever change the truth.