Democrats Find Out That Actions Bite Harder Than Words, Especially Racist Ones


The Democratic beloved nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is a wake-up call for all liberals. It is a reminder that actions speak loudly and can come back to bite people. The idea of what goes around comes around has undoubtedly played out well. But not as the Democrats would have liked it to be. The way they treated Judge Brett Kavanaugh during his nomination hearing is the defining mark of their doom.

The media wants to make the entire hearing about race, and any reluctance to accept her as she is makes you a racist. But, Brown Jackson’s record has to be examined. And to ask questions about it is not racist at all but somewhat responsible.

Joe Biden and his sluggish administration claim that his choice is not about the color of the judge’s skin. But rather about qualifications. And yet, when the Republicans start to interview her and ask questions about those qualifications, the Democrats and the liberal media start crying about racism. Their hypocrisy is once again on display for all to see.

Several years ago, the Democrats crossed a line when they attacked and falsely accused Brett Kavanaugh of misconduct. He could have sued them for libel and slander for all practical purposes. Their actions hurt any practical respect that people may have had for them as a party. And now that the Republicans are questioning one of their favorites, they will get to see how a proper interview is supposed to take place.

Diane Feinstein started the circus and, later, the downslide of respect for the Democrats. They brought out their false witness and accused an innocent man of trying to rape a girl while drunk, and the fun did not stop there. RedState reported that “Christine Blasey Ford, Kavanaugh’s chief accuser, couldn’t provide any corroborating details, including not being able to even say where the supposed rape occurred all those decades ago. We remember the Julie Swetnick travesty where mainstream news outlets ran with wild tails of gang rape brought by a client of now-felon Michael Avenatti. We remember the tortured performance of Sheldon Whitehouse talking about ‘boofing’ and quizzing Kavanaugh on his high-school yearbook. We even remember when Democrat protesters broke into and occupied the Senate office building, something that would have been labeled an insurrection had it been accomplished by Republicans.”

Those actions alone showed how desperate and deprived the liberals have become in America. They are willing to do anything to keep conservatives from having any presence in the leadership of America. The Democrats want their liberal buddies sitting in key positions so they can rule along party lines and avoid doing the right thing.

The Republicans are setting a new standard and showing how the process is supposed to occur. They could have easily made up their accusations and brought themselves down to the level of dirt when questioning the nominee. But they decided to play nice and focus on her record.

Brown Jackson has a history of letting sexual predators off the hook. The Democrats need to avoid questions about her record. The Democrats feel the need to say that such questions about those rulings are racist. But they cannot even begin to point out how such things are racist. Their goal is to shame the Republicans and force them to accept the nominee without questioning her. But that is not how things are done in America.

Asking a person about why they chose to rule in favor of sexual predators instead of sexual abuse victims is not racist. It’s an important line that must be drawn…

Joe Biden and his band of pointless thugs are the people who have turned American politics into the circus that so many people see now. The Republicans are the victims each time the circus starts up with a Democrat at the helm. But at least the world can see that there is at least one responsible party in America: the Republican Party.

There are no late-minute attempts to smear a record or reputation. There are simply the appropriate questions being asked of a lady who is up for the Supreme Court’s nomination. The Democrat’s record has finally caught up with them and has told the world that they are a party of dirty players who will do or say anything to stay in power.