Biden Still Looking for Ways To Kill American Industry and Natural Resources

Teo Tarras /

Joe Biden has tried for the better part of a year to destroy the economic climate in America. His latest attempt was to raise the cost of cleaning one ton of carbon emission from the air. Biden was sued in court, and the judge determined that he could not revert to a previous administration to determine the cost of cleanup. Biden’s attempt to raise the price of energy consumption failed in court, and for the time being, people are safe from inflated energy prices.

The president’s persistent push to enact new environmental laws seems to have stalled because of the pushback that the old man is receiving. Any proof does not back his ideas, and he had to copy the work of a previous president to make his case. His attempt to over-regulate flopped, so now he is trying to make his infrastructure package the means to get what he wants.

Biden’s infrastructure bill was carefully designed to allow him to do things and bypass Congress. Politico reported that this bill has several provisions that Biden can use. They found that “Those include research and development dollars needed to commercialize advanced nuclear reactors, hydrogen, and direct air capture. These technologies could transform American climate efforts in future decades, but are unlikely to be deployed at scale before 2030.”

His bill allows him to fund energy efficiency ideas, transmission, nuclear power plants, and transportation. He has the option of taking that money and using it to hurt industries around the country. He can make them conform to new standards and even force them to change how they do business, which can be costly.

The environmental cultists will do anything to see that Biden’s Build Back Better plan is approved. They want the money and the support to force people to stop dumping carbon into the air. Politico also reported that the law would include “$3.5 billion in funding for the Weatherization Assistance Program, which administration officials say can be deployed to reduce energy use and consumers’ energy bills. It also contains $27 billion in grid investments.”

That money sounds excellent and sounds like a viable plan to get to where the cultists want to be a decade from now. But the cost of the bill is high and would ultimately bankrupt America. The cost is too high to handle, and Biden knows that. But he has chosen to ignore the experts and keeps pushing the bill.

Biden thinks that he alone has the right plan for cleaning up the air. The president thinks that it is the job of the government to build infrastructure. But for the past two centuries, the private sector has developed and installed infrastructure to help with growth and the movement of goods around the country. But if left alone, the private business sector can build out and develop better technologies that would make carbon emissions a thing of the past.

The Democratic Party cannot allow the private sector to achieve such goals, so they overregulate everything, which keeps businesses from being able to improve how things are accomplished and consumed.

The Build Back Better plan is better left in its new grave. Those Democrats pushing for Biden to use his executive powers to get the bill started have forgotten that it would be an overreach of his authority to pass a law not approved by Congress. But that has never stopped the liberals before.

Biden’s plan to clean the air is nothing more than a cover that he can use to achieve his real goal of destroying the United States. His first couple of bills has already caused massive inflation to set in. For Biden to spend any more money would mean prices are getting high enough to warrant labeling America the new failed socialist state.

The Democrats are desperate to get things moving in the direction of their choosing before the midterm election. They know that they will have lost the House to the Republican Party as soon as the elections are over.