Biden Didn’t Quite Get Things Right in His State of the Union Address…Here Are the Hardcore Facts

Haditha26 /

Liberals are high-fiving over Joe Biden knocking it out of the park with his State of the Union address. He was tough. He was stern. Some believed he even growled until a slow-motion playback verified he was merely trying to swallow an unruly glob of Polident. The Biden for breakfast club is only chest-puffing because, just like a churchgoer without a bible, they’ve devoured preacher Joe’s confused and misguided interpretation of the law instead of reading it for themselves. And he got more than a few things wrong.

Biden boasted how severe cases of COVID-19 have dropped to their lowest level since July of last year, but he skipped a statistic for his own benefit. Yes, hospitalizations are down. Hip hip hoorah. Yes, deaths are up. Just on July 1, 2021, 289 people died. Since then, an additional 2,000 more souls have vacated the planet and the number seems to be going in the wrong direction.

This’ll raise an eyebrow. Biden called on Congress to do something they’ve already done. “Repeal the liability shield that makes gun manufacturers the only industry in America that can’t be sued, the only.” What? Just last month, the families of the children killed at Sandy Hook were awarded $73 million from the gun manufacturer Remington based on ‘wrongful marketing.’ Come on, Biden. Catch up.

Eyes squinting for effect, Biden hit on the $1 trillion he’s about to waste on what he calls his infrastructure law. He rocked his baby by saying, “We’re done talking about infrastructure weeks. We’re now talking about [sic] infrastructure decade. We’ll build a national network of 500,000 vehicle charging stations.” Okay, so let’s exchange using one natural resource in exchange for another, remembering that the first natural resource will still be required to produce the power needed to use the second natural resource which, ultimately, will accomplish nothing. Got it. How about you?

Here’s why what he said will never happen, and he’s aware. He doesn’t have the $15 billion he had allocated for the 500,000 charging stations in his initial proposal. Only half of the amount he had asked for was approved. It was Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) who poked a Phillips-head in that tire.

Biden was premature in announcing plans by Intel to build new factories in central Ohio. “Up to eight state-of-the-art factories in one place, 10,000 new jobs,” he proudly stated. Hold on a second because the execs at Intel wouldn’t tell you the same thing. They’re concerned about having that many factories in a single location or if they even want to put one there. That was all Biden’s idea. Not theirs. And seeing how it is still their company and all…

As expected, Biden blamed the entire escalating rate of inflation on global supply issues. This isn’t on him. He’s correct in saying that it’s driven up costs in particular areas, but what about rents or the luxury of going out to dinner? These are strictly internal issues well within Biden’s power to address. 

Even as the global supply chain begins to recover, it’s not going to fix what is the result of the increased wages workers are having to demand in part due to the higher cost of living that’s within Biden’s ability to control. It’s not going to stop the growing number of evictions that, in the overall scheme of things, can only be contributed to his and his administration’s failure to properly manage internal economic policies. 

While the libs are sending their candle-filled bags floating up in the air as an affectionate token to their presidential guru, the truth of the real world continues, and it wasn’t contained in anything Biden just said.