Biden Blames Russia for High Gas Prices

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Joe Biden is a typical Democrat who cannot accept responsibility for his actions. The national oil crisis is a making of his design. He took it upon himself to strangle off all domestic drilling operations and chose to stop the Canadian pipeline from being built. While at the same time supporting the Russian pipeline they were constructing to fuel Europe. And now that there is a war brewing between two nations, oil prices are going up, and there is nothing the old man can do except blame someone else.

The president refuses to believe that he can make a mistake. And when the old man was asked about the high prices, Biden noted that the prices would go up and everyone could point their finger at the Russian people. He forgets that prices had already skyrocketed since the time he took office. He is very much responsible for the outrageous prices found at the pumps.

In a speech he was giving in Texas, a reporter asked if there was anything the old man was going to do. The president’s reply is full of lies that sickens all who hear it. He stated that there is not much he can do about the issue. But the truth is that he can be doing plenty of things. And the easiest one is to open up domestic drilling and let America produce its gas and oil like during Donald Trump’s term in office.

The responses that Biden got from his outlandish statement are numerous. Byron Donalds is a Representative from Florida, and he noted that “Did Biden seriously say he ‘can’t do much right now’ to solve the skyrocketing gas prices?!? Putin has 99 problems but causing American gas prices to rise is NOT one of them. Biden needs to stop the gaslighting and roll back EVERY one of his destructive energy policies.”

Lying is about the only thing that Joe Biden is good at. He knows full well that there are plenty of ideas that he could enact to make a huge difference. Those ideas would also put America better positioned to punish Russia for its terror against the Ukrainian people.

Ronny Jackson is a representative from Texas. He stated that “Texans will NOT be fooled by Joe Biden’s LIES! He could increase American energy production here at home to curb gas prices. Instead, he’s pandering to a Venezuelan dictator to increase their oil production. WHY is he blocking energy production in places like Texas? Go home, Joe!”

The “Let’s Go, Brandon” statement rings loud and clear for many people. Joe Biden is the president, and there are plenty of things that he can do to make America great (and affordable) again. He does not want to engage in those ideas because he would have to admit that he made a mistake when he stopped them months ago. Biden will have to swallow his pride before the gas prices start to come down.

Biden’s gas prices are now higher than they’ve been in the past decade. He has seen to it keep the chokehold on the industry and drive the price up so bad that people are beginning to stop driving their cars. But that is precisely what the old president is aiming for. He wants to cripple America so severely that any other nation can exert pressure and get what they want.

The world is watching how Biden is playing cleanup for Vladimir Putin. They see how the old man is bowing down to the secret wishes of the Russian people. China is watching, and how this war plays out will determine what they will do regarding their desire to annex Taiwan.

People on both sides of the political fence are demanding that Biden stop playing games and open up American oil drilling. The people in America can manage their energy demands, but they need a president willing to open up the domestic energy sources for use. And so far, Biden is unwilling to let people take charge and provide for their country.