White House Begs for $30 Billion To Spend on COVID

Viacheslav Lopatin / shutterstock.com

As this pandemic drags on like a Harry Potter marathon, people are finally getting smart and learning that the science of yesterday is wrong today. They are learning that the vaccinations aren’t doing anything against the current iterations of COVID and that the masks people worked so tirelessly to create are utterly worthless against this disease. Yet, this remains a major talking point for many Americans.

As the Freedom Convoy rolls on in Canada, President Biden is begging for another $30 billion so they can continue the ‘fight’ against COVID. On Tuesday, two anonymous sources revealed to the Associated Press that it would be divvied up between four areas. $17.9 billion to cover vaccines and treatments, $4.9 billion for testing, $3 billion for uninsured people to receive coronavirus care, and $3.7 billion to get ready for future variants.

This kind of budget to do the minimal work COVID is now requiring is disturbing. For people like White House press secretary Jen Psaki, this kind of request is something that emphasizes what she and the President think this country needs. “While we continue to have sufficient funds to respond to the current omicron surge in the coming weeks, our goal has always been to ensure that we are well prepared to stay ahead of the virus… A big part of our effort right now, and where we have seen challenges is turning vaccines into vaccinations.”

She has a solid point here. For all the money the U.S. has spent on vaccinations here at home, as well as abroad, the major challenges are involved with getting the vaccines into people’s arms so they are vaccinated is a bit tough. Rachel Hall serves as the representative for the U.S. advocacy group CARE, and she was recently interviewed about these challenges.

“Dose production is ramping up but there has not been a complementary investment in the health system to get those doses into arms. We are about to see a global mess because we have not been investing in the delivery system.” The group also released a report recently. In there, they performed an analysis of the 92 different low-income countries that receive vaccination donations. Of those, 32 of the countries have only used less than half of their donations. Countries like Nigeria have used 34%, Afghanistan used 46%, and Haiti 39%.

This kind of waste and lack of full use leaves a lot to be desired for many Americans who donate funds and supplies to groups like CARE. When pushed for reasons for the low vaccination rates, there is a wide variety of answers. Some don’t trust the people administering them. Others lack the ability to get there and receive a vaccination.

In places like Afghanistan and Nigeria, things like tribal warfare, a lack of transportation, and lack of other medical care are major barriers to getting more people vaccinated. As these hurdles are identified, many people and groups are stepping up to the plate to help address them. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, they are devising strategies.

With President Biden, there is no telling how this money may be used if he gets his pleas answered. There is a wide variety of ways this could work out and giving him that kind of funding without real oversight and auditing would be a dangerous thing. As his recent appearances have proven, his mental health is not as strong as many Americans would like to see from their commander in chief.