The U.S. Returns to Normal and Dr. Fauci Goes Into Hiding


It’s glorious to see the bottom half of faces when we head out to grocery stores, go for a run in the park, and walk through schools. For a while, it was getting hard to recognize even our closest friends because the masks covered so much of a person’s facial features.

Republican and Democratic-led cities and states alike are lifting the pandemic restrictions. We’re seeing indoor dining as well as the elimination of mask mandates. Many places don’t even require that we show proof of vaccination anymore.

This is what we’ve been waiting for…a return to normalcy.

It looks like we might actually achieve it, too. After all, case numbers are dropping all over the country. We have dealt with Delta and Omicron…and there’s not another variant lined up to scare us all back into quarantine.

As we get back to normalcy, there’s a voice missing from it all – Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The chief medical advisor for the White House seems to be oddly quiet. It was as if it were just yesterday that he was warning us that we’d be wearing masks for the distant future because it wasn’t safe.

He’s been proven wrong. His 15 minutes of fame are up. And now, he’s not even going to share any more of his “science” with America. It’s as if he’s throwing a temper tantrum, packing up his data, and headed home.


If he expected us to be sad, we’re not. One of the main reasons we were in lockdown and faced as many restrictions as we did was because of his fear-mongering. And as more places re-open and as more people abandon their masks, we’re not seeing a surge of COVID cases. It means that we’ve seen the truth, and Fauci can’t bully us any longer.

It seems that the last we heard from Dr. Fauci was when he gave an interview to Reuters about two weeks ago. He has seen how there’s been new COVID-19 guidance and saw how even liberal states were lifting their mask mandates in the coming weeks – both for the public and for schools. He acknowledged that people are “up to here with COVID.” That’s true…but we’re also “up to here” with him.

His comment was “You don’t want to be reckless and throw everything aside, but you’ve got to start inching towards that.”

We’re doing a lot more than inching at this point. We’re only a few steps away from being back to normal in all aspects of life. What we need now is to remove the vaccine mandates that Biden is still pushing as well as remove the mask mandates for airports and airplanes. Of course, Texas and a few GOP leaders are already working on that…

COVID just isn’t getting the media that it once did. The media has moved on to bigger issues – like what’s happening in Ukraine. If COVID was really the threat that the liberals claim that it is, we’d see it in more headlines.

Although war with Russia isn’t a good thing, it could finally help us to get COVID behind us. After all, if we’re all concentrating on what’s happening overseas, we’ll forget to talk about the pandemic entirely.

Meanwhile, Fauci will be forced to cry in the corner as he realizes that he no longer serves a purpose. Perhaps he’ll take the hint and retire – something he should have done about a decade ago.